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Pamper Me--DinnerPamper Me--Dinner

Pamper Me--Dinner


Product SKU: Pamper Me--Dinner

A gift of dinner--from you to ME.

A gift of dinner--from you to ME---I love lobster the most---

Lobster --Lobster---Lobster---YUMMY

Your purchase includes a recorded MP3 download from your Domina.

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Wednesday, 05 December 2018
Happy birthday with all my love, adoration and obedience!
Jason Tanner
Sunday, 05 August 2018
Happy Birthday!!! So wishing You the perfect birthday so much happiness, love, excitement and adoration!!
William Eagles
Tuesday, 23 August 2016
I'm not sure why Domina always wants lobster. But she should have it all. All the lobsters for our beauty Princess. The most adorable of all. The one and only.
slave casper
Saturday, 20 August 2016
Lobster is my favorite, and so is pleasing my Domina.
Kent Schnaith
Friday, 19 August 2016
I love seefood myself. And the next time i have lobster i can imagine that Domina enjoys Hers at the same time. Each gift and obigation makes my bond to Her stronger!
homeros hörer
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