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Domina's Future - $100Domina's Future - $100

Domina's Future - $100


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Domina's Future - $100 ...

Take this opportunity to make your Domina Shelle happy.  you have always been helpful and generous with your support.  your contributions to the Challenge will go towards My immediate financial needs and priority.  We are having major renovation work done at Our home in North Carolina.  Soon, My daddy will be returning to the Farm in Tennessee.  I will be focusing on somehow recovering from the unexpected cost of a 6 month project that we are still caught up in.
Know you will be REALLY pleasing Me with each contribution you make.  Doing My bidding makes you happy!

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Saturday, 16 December 2017
Christmas is a good time to encourage others to contribute to our Domina's future savings and i hope to send many more contributions in 2018.
robert mann
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