Deja vu--The Indoctrination

I am going to adjust your thought process, yes totally f*ck it up...
Deja vu--The IndoctrinationDeja vu--The Indoctrination
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Level: Hard
Category: Mind CONTROL
Length: 42 minutes

Have you ever experienced Deja vu...Maybe you visited some place and stopped for a moment and say to yourself "This is so familiar---but why---I feel like I have been here before but I know I have not".  Yeah it happens to us all.  Although you might soon experience much more thought distortion. ***GIGGLES***

There are several possible explanations for the phenomenon of déjà vu, one is the occurrence of "cryptomnesia", which is where information learned is forgotten but nevertheless stored in the brain, and similar occurrences invoke the contained knowledge, leading to a feeling of familiarity because of the situation, event or emotional content, known as "déjà vu".

Some experts suggest that memory is a process of reconstruction, rather than a recall of fixed, established events.  This reconstruction comes from stored components, involving elaborations, distortions and omissions.  Very interesting isn't it.

Well, I want you to listen to My voice now and just TRUST Me.  Trust Me while I play with your mind once again, yes omit that, elaborate on this, you get the picture... This is going to be fun...and just think you may or may not even know what has happened, if it happened at all.  After all, reconstruction of your brain is what I do best.

Listen over and over as much as you like...headphones ON!

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Monday, 27 February 2017
The ability to insinuate Her programming into a subject's mind is what makes Domina Shelle's hypnosis so dangerous...and so fun. This file builds on that by further blurring the line between Her mind and your own, allowing Her to turn even your own memories against you as She solidifies Her control. It is an incredibly pleasurable journey deeper into Her power.
Tuesday, 21 February 2017
Usually when I listen a lot to Domina's files – 2 or 3 a day – I start to fantasize after a while about an ideal arousing recording. I become ready to write down my ideas to prepare for a custom file. Just to realize shortly thereafter that it was all just fragments of other recordings in my mind. This is the process of deja vu – the process of Her thoughts becoming mine. Sometimes I remember situations of the past – long before I even knew about Domina Shelle – but in my memory She is there – another deja vu effect. It can be scary. This is the right time to listen to “Deja Vu” - Domina will explain everything. Now I can smile and realize that all the deja vu is prove of how Her hypnosis is effective. Its the struggle of my mind to make sense of Her dominating presence. Soon it will be over and I will be changed.
Monday, 23 May 2016
I loved this file. I want to listen to it as often as possible, I'm not sure what I remember anymore
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