Chastity LOCKDOWN--Week 4 - Dominance

A final step into the TRUTH and full understanding of what chastity really means.
Chastity LOCKDOWN--Week 4 - DominanceChastity LOCKDOWN--Week 4 - Dominance
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Length: 21 minutes + Assignment
Category: Chastity LOCKDOWN--Hypnosis

A final step into the TRUTH and full understanding of what chastity really means.
My HARD and HORNY pet, if you have listened and participated in MY Lockdown series you already know why I love you in this highly receptive state!  By being obediently chaste for your Domina your submission and obedience to ME has intensified to levels that leave you utterly dependent on your one true Owner, turning even the most resistant of MY pets into pliable, devoted and adoring slaves.  This transformation has been so profound that I've become the absolute focus of all your erotic desires, routinely fantasizing about serving at MY feet and desperately longing to be controlled and dominated, doing whatever I command, just to feel that overwhelming pleasure of pleasing ME.
In the depths of your mind you are now realizing these changes I've made are very real and form a new fundamental truth for you:  "Obedience to ME, and ONLY ME, is now your one true pleasure in life." (Mmmmm and that makes me very wet and horny MY love puppy)  All of your past training has led you to this pivotal moment in your journey of submission and what I'm offering is a new reality where EVERYTHING feels better when it CUMs from me, quite literally if you please ME... Giggles!
That's right MY indoctrinated slave, you are on the path of true submission and selflessness, understanding and acknowledging that obedience to ME is your new source of pleasure, with ME as your erotic guide, mentor and Mistress.  I've been training you for a higher level of service, perfected to satisfy MY needs and MY desires, where chastity is no longer just a casual activity, it is a lifestyle choice fixated on perfecting your submission and obedience to ME, Your Domina, Your Owner, and soon to be Your everything...
Ahhh, MY love puppy, there is no escape from MY dominion and MY loving embrace and you are a session away from true submission, hopelessly and blissfully enslaved to do whatever I wish without those complicated notions of choice, decisions and consequences.  Soon "Yes My Domina" will be the central doctrine of your existence as you desperately seek to be perfected by ME, looking for ever new ways to serve and please ME.  So prepare yourself to sink into perfect obedience for Your Domina, submitting to MY control with a SNAP of MY fingers and accepting your future as MY loving and dutiful slave.  Kisses

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Thursday, 22 February 2018
Domina's ownership over me grows deeper with each additional day of chastity. I didn't know that it would be like this, or that I would enjoy pleasing Domina in this way so much.
Tuesday, 13 February 2018
I was already owned by Domina. Now with chastity she controls when I cum. Without having to think about release in the back of my mind. I can just devote to pleasing my Princess and Domina because comes first. What I need doesn’t come before my owner.
Tuesday, 13 February 2018
This last File was a Dejavu and a reinforcement to me, she already took me into permanent Chastity a long time ago for her and since then i never wanted to miss this ever again, it´s sooo much easier to become a perfect suggestible, pliable Slave if in a State of pure bliss, this State that usualy might get frustrating just isn´t anymore, i want what she wants and if she says Chastity there simply is no need to Cum, it´s as simple as that, Princess says what slave wants, slave wants whatever Princess says and it doesn´t matters what Princess says, she can make me do whatever she wants, with this reinforcement it probably got even easier for her to make me want whatever she wants and i absolutly love it ^-^
Monday, 12 February 2018
Domina Shelle already had control over my ability to cum, now She also controls my desire to cum. Without the thought of release in the back of my mind, i will be able to serve Her better and more selflessly.
Sunday, 11 February 2018
Yes My Domina. Chastity is now a lifestyle for me. i get my pleasure from pleasing My Domina.
Saturday, 10 February 2018
This session along with the Lockdown series as a whole, is seriously life changing and in a very good way! Domina has again taken erotic hypnosis to a new level by demonstrating how adept She is at training and indoctrinating Her submissive listeners to want what She wants. We do not always see Her plans but be assured there is always a plan, and for the Lockdown series it was to teach us that our pleasure is not self gratification but the simple pleasure of obedience and servitude to Her. Through clever disassociation and sensual reinforcement we now see Domina as the object of all our desires, as somebody that we fervently want to please and obey. Stroking is no longer an act of obtaining temporary relief, its now an act of accepting our servitude to and adoration of Domina, and acknowledging that this makes us more and more submission to Her control. The pleasure associated with release is now something totally dictated by Domina and if we are fortunate She will reward us if we prove our loyalty and continued desire to please Her. The Lockdown series has been tranformational and I can no longer view my bond with Domina the same way. She has literally become my everything and all I can do, and all I really want to do, is to serve and obey Her. There's really no going back after an amazing experience like this...
Saturday, 10 February 2018
I listened to the file first thing in the morning and -well- it really surprised me. You know what is best for me and now i fully understand it too. You are the center of my attention and desire. What i thought to be sexual frustration is actually the sexual power to serve You. I do not ask or beg for release anymore i just want to please You and say Yes my Domina! You are my owner! These were four amazing weeks and I have no clue what your plans for me will be. But whatever it is my answer will be: “Yes my Princess!”
Saturday, 10 February 2018
my Domina is the center of my world. The chastity enforces my need to submit and obey Her every word. All i want is to please and pamper Her and reply any of Her wishes with Yes my Domina. Yes my Princess.
Saturday, 10 February 2018
Our Domina Shelle is perfect. The Journey has been worth it, and this file reinforces that need to listen and think only of Her, our Perfect Beautiful Amazing Domina.
If you see this by chance Goddess. Thank you. Lockdown is not done yet, but the impact this has had on me, on us, is unforgettable and the only thing i want/need.

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