Brainwashed NOW

Imagine what it feels like to truly be OWNED and CONTROLLED.
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Length: 21 minutes
Category: Brainwash-enslavement
Sample: LINK

Listen NOW and feel a deeper and MORE advanced level of CONTROL...An exchange of control that ONLY comes from a deeper COMMITMENT, a deeper level of SUBMISSION.  For enslavement only.  This file is a COMPULSION.

Includes two files:  A long and a short version.

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Sunday, 12 February 2017
I want to become fully owned by Shelle as soon as possible and this file seems very well suited. One can listen to it daily and for a long time. This will bring me closer to my Domina...
Tuesday, 10 January 2017
This is a great affirmation file that you can listen to while you mantra each day or listen to before or between trances. I listen to this daily to reinforce Domina's will on me so that I am reminded of my role and my responsibilities. After frequent listenings you will come to appreciate how powerful this file really is!
Tuesday, 13 December 2016
This is a wonderful brainwash file. It does not attempt to put you in a trance directly although if you are deeply conditioned to Domina's voice then you may drop anyways. Play it in the background while you relax and let Her slowly take control and push you deeper and deeper into submission. This file works extra well when looped while you sleep at night.
Monday, 12 December 2016
i just can´t describe this File probably, i am a Contracted Slave, i have listen to this File for a Month Daily and now again, but i still can´t describe this File at all, it´s like floating in heaven, floating in pure bliss, no resistence, no thought, just obedience, just falling for her more and more and even if you are already her slave, you still will get this wonderful feeling of beeing eslaved by her again, not just on the first listening, it will happen every single time you listen to it again and you surely will listen to this File over and over again, i can´t tell what it is about this File, but as soon as i wake upo i wished i would not wake up in my Bed, instead i wished i would wake up at her Feet, this feeling of enslavement, i would not know what to do without her anymore...i literally would run a round helpless, mindless and without an goal to reach, luckily that´s nothing i have to worry about, because i always will be hers forever and ever, infact i trully believe it´s my destiny to be hers for the rest of my Life and i surely don´t mind this, there is nothing better i could imagen as to be underneath hers forever and always ^-^

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