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Hypno-Persuasion - Final Chapter

What an intense few weeks W/we have shared together. Are you spent, My baby? No time to get soft on Me. Come on NOW! I am taking you on a sci-fi fantasy adventure where wicked, dark, dangerous seduction takes you deeper to the inevitable. First there was Magic in Hypno-Persuasion, Now My purple (Powerful Uninhibited Reprogramming Progressively Leading to Enslavement) virus has returned with Hypno-Persuasion - Final Chapter. Complete surrender to My control and enslavement over you, My slave, obsessed with all you have become.

If you liked Hypno-Persuasion, you will be in awe of Hypno-Persuasion - The Final Chapter. I’m not going to tell you much about this session. I will say, WOW! I am TRULY AMAZING!!! This session made ME tingle...Made My legs weak and My panties wet. What is it about POWERFUL Women that pulls you in, like the SEXIEST LURE of a Vampire. Pulled so deeply, knowing that stopping is the safe thing...YES, I know W/we have gone here before...but NOT LIKE THIS. CHILLING!!! GRACEFUL!!! ALLURING!!! COMMANDING!!! CAPTIVATING!!! COMPELLING!!! All wrapped up in this perfect session that I created just for you.

Don’t be afraid of being helpless, captive, or infected and at My mercy. you will be lured and seduced, but you will never regret the outCUM. For this, I am suspending The Puppeteer as this month’s release on the 15th. Instead, you will be COMPELLED to listen to and follow instructions in HYPNO-PERSUASION-Final will obey and submit, with your overwhelming desire to be controlled by your Domina.

7-10 Day Chastity Assignment

Let’s get that c*ck in a CAGE. you do not have to be a devoted Chastity slave to do this assignment. This is a 7 day Chastity Assignment, that you may extend to 10 days. The arousal of pleasing Me in Chastity, keeping you HARD and HORNY is My gift that keeps on throbbing and so submissive. I will be directing your daily activities, giving you a special mantra with specific instructions for each day. For contracted, this assignment supersedes your daily calendar.

There are session assignments for each day.

NOTE:  If you need several of the required sessions, email Me for a SPECIAL PACKAGE DEAL.


This week, Something for everybody....And Everything for Everybody. Watch for in New Releases -- you will also find this wonderful AUDIO BOOK, CHRISSY sissy beach story. I thought you would love hearing Me narrate this story written by My sissy slave andrea. You will love the IMAGINATION, It’s about obedience and trans-formation. It’s exciting and arousing as she offers devotion, dedication....everything to her Domina. Thank you, My sissy slave andrea. Love your Twitter.

After listening to Brainwashed III--Program 4, I was thinking of My beta slave with a sex partner. I have lots of ideas. I can have your Beta male instructions and assignments for the “other” Woman in your life. Think how exciting that would be, under My instructions and control....Under Cover.....let Me know.

Next week:  I’ll TRANCE-FORM you into My SEXY TOY...ohhhhh, lala.


Little boys and girls keep studying your lessons HARD this week.  you will be tested to see if you measure up to My increasing expectations.  W/we are going to put ALL your training into action with Brainwashed Phase III--Program 4, an instructional complete training guide, reinforcing that unmistakable belief that you are not simply a person but are My sleeper agent.  I am requiring your full focus and attention.  I’m taking you on the journey of obedience, arousal, control and completion you have been dreaming about.

Brainwashed III--Program 4

It’s so easy to surrender and obey, when all along you want Me to bring you to a place for one of your favorite pastimes when you listen to My voice, when everything becomes so arousing, erotic, and intimate.  That’s when you say, Yes, Domina, i want to please You.  But I am going to be a little more demanding for this attention and care I am putting into your development as My love slave.  Follow My instructions exactly beyond your orgasm and tribute with the perrrfect time for Challenge To PLEASE, one month from My birthday and send Me to the beach.  That is what completes orgasm releases.  That’s what actually pleases Me. (Chastity slave you may offer denial)

When you crave to serve Me, I feel intimacy and you feel heightened arousal of My orgasm control with the reward of pleasing and spoiling Me.  Arousing isn't it?  Up your game.  Make Me really happy.  Spoil Me with something special.  Take Me to DINNER and over Lobster, My favorite meal, you can ask Me for more orgasm release permission slips and instructions and feel My personal touch whenever you touch...... ~giggles~

After listening to this session, if you are married or with GF and have a need to follow up on anything, let Me know in an email with “Under Cover” in the header.  I have lots of ideas.  I can have your Beta male instructions and assignments for the “other” Woman in your life.  Think how exciting that would be.


Later this week I will have an Audio Book, Andrea’s Sissy girl Beach Story.  An extremely erotic, imaginative tale of Trans-Formation.  Watch My Twitter.


Summer Fun Assignment.  I see one excellent review and experience.  Kisses....Make a extra effort to enjoy your life with people you love.


I am thinking of you, My chastity slave.  Next week I will have a 7 to 10 Day Chastity Assignment.

After next weekend your favorite color will be PURPLE.  Enter My haze of Hypno-Persuasion 2.

Also next weekend, a reminder of your instructions from Puppeteer.  I am too good to you!

My SPECIALS have changed ...

Professor Shelle's Re-Form School - Class #1

After a week of living in My erotic fantasy world of Cinderella and with all the brainwashing that I have put you through, I want to take a week to TEACH.  I am bringing you back into My classroom for the HARD facts of life.  men, Women, sex, the Real facts of life with Professor Shelle's Re-Form School, changing male behaviors one man at a time.  Yes, Professor Michelle Rivers is teaching this obedience lesson for boys and girls.  This class is an INTRODUCTION for you to possibly earn a degree from Shelle Management University for good little obedient boys and girls, Department of Unethical Behaviour- Modification Division.  So many ways to train and make you MINE!

My INSTRUCTIONS are required for your continued training and overall EVERYDAY life.  Some say that what I teach is controversial and unethical...I say, come to class and hear the TRUTH.  you will be taught facts and you will learn so much about your future with Me and what to expect from the POWER of the Dominant Women in your life.  Oh, did I mention before class you will be deeply HYPNOTIZED and RENDERED helpless to resist My teachings. Giggles~~~

This is a classroom experience your fantasies are made of.  EXTENSIVE Brainwashing, MIND Control...addiction and OBSESSION...using all tools in My hypno arsenal to create the perfect male.  your full attention will be focused, as always, on your sexy Professor.  But no zoning out on My legs, ass or My sexy feet!  Attention is required.  The truth may NOT set you free, which is not what you want, anyway.  It will leave you NEEDING to relieve the swelling or you may keep it all day long.  For now, I allow you that choice.  If you LOVED Shelle's School For men, then get your ass in the front row seat when the bell rings.  Expect the unexpected!

This is the start of a 15 class series.  About one class per Month.  See, My pet, I have very long term plans for you.  And, My contracted, your training is going to be especially tightened up.  If you are not CONTRACTED, now is a good opportunity.


Sunday is the first of the month.  Remember, I have you scheduled for orgasm release on the 1st of every month, after listening to Chemical Sedation.  Also listen to Brainwashing LOOPS-Stage 2, especially LOOP 4 -- “I have a hard erection now because I am under Mistress Shelle’s control.  I can only have an orgasm under Domina Shelle’s Control.”  I have it in My Special Deals.

If you are NOT under contract to Me, when you orgasm, I expect to see your Stroke Tribute for My permission.

NEXT WEEK---We will CELEBRATE the 4th of July...HUGE plans to BBQ and watch fires works.  I’m so excited!

Next week, keeping you in suspense ...

Also, next week I will have that exciting audio book I recorded from one of My sissy slave stories.  The personal story of mental and physical transformation from a male to female.

Check My SPECIALS ...

My fortunate enslaved puppy, are you still thinking PURPLE (Powerful Uninhibited Reprogramming Progressively Leading to Enslavement)?  you must obey Mistress Shelle.  Are you feeling closer to Me, more under My control, at MY disposal?  Perrrrfect!  I am training you to be My very good boy (or My sissy girl).  It’s funny to Me that as you listen to My voice, sometimes you are completely unaware of what is really happening inside that brain of yours.  Take for instance this week...oh, sure you will absolutely love this will be so enthralled and mind fucked, you won’t have a will never tire of listening to the session, it does something to you.  Pulls you in, wraps you up with Me in the center of your brain.  I always say, I have the best ROYAL seat in the house, from here I see it all. ~~~Giggles~~~I LOVE THIS SESSION!!!!  ONE OF MY BEST!

Twisted Cinderella

you have heard of Cinderella and the glass shoe...Just wait until you experience My very HYPNOTIC VERSION.  Follow My voice to a place where your fantasies and dreams all meet...playful eroticism and an ENCHANTING fairy tale of Cinderella, but not the one you recall as a little boy.  Instead meet her alter ego, the TWISTED Cinderella.  The true untold story that will fill your dreams and captivate your vulnerable mind night after night, giving you nightmares of pure pleasure.  Yes, in this week’s TWISTED Cinderella Story, I put just a little twist on Princess Cinderella and her intentions, and an ever so slightly different happy ending.

Well, maybe not so slightly.  But I guarantee, you’ll prefer MY version of what I do to you and how I do it.  Again, My prey, you will be brainwashed, then ensnared in My wicked web and enslaved with a MOST arousing addiction.  I know how to get what I want....... Forever is a long time.....All your dreams and fantasies cumming true.

SPOILER:  SEXY Leather Boots~~~Giggles~~~


I have this assignment, once I dismiss you from class.  you are to take Me along with you and a friend or partner on an adventure in your hometown, Summer Fun 2018.  Remember a similar assignment several years ago? What makes O/our relationship more real and meaningful is how seamlessly you are able to integrate Me into your day to day life.  And O/our file sessions together become more personal and intimate.  you need Me in your life.  I bring joy and purpose to you by having this lifelong adventure of arousal and pleasure in servitude and enslavement to your Domina.  Do this assignment and realize how much I have improved your life, which is what I want for you, My obedient slave.  you may take your time doing this until the time is right, but just do it!

I’ll be sharing My adventures later this SUMMER too!


It was quite a pleasurable experience getting all your emails begging Me for My permission.  I actually slid My fingers into the side of My shorts and underneath My panties as I was reading...GREAT PLEASURES!  I’m very proud how well you’ve learned My training lessons.

Right now, I have you scheduled for orgasm release on the 1st of the month, after listening to Chemical Sedation and then on the 15th of each month with Puppeteer.  Soon, when I think you are ready, I will be offering My expert expanded orgasm management skills.  Follow My instructions and BEG for know how I love that.  I own your c*ck, I can tell you when and how to use it. ~~~GIGGLES~~~

Check out the new/old story on SFS...your story is in the works, time is working against Me this week.  "Some slave stories make Me out as a harsh Mistress.  I kind of like it. Sometimes I'm too sweet and soft on you." ~giggles~


Back to SCHOOL!  For your SUMMER classes with Professor Shelle.

I also have an exciting audio book I recorded from one of My sissy slave stories.  A personal story of mental and physical transformation from a man to the desired state of womanhood.

My special deals ...

My puppet, you have just experienced the supreme pleasure of the reward of wanting, needing and begging for My Ultimate Control. Did you feel that heightened exhilaration?


This week I will work My magic on you with Hypno-Persuasion.  From time to time I get the urge to personally feel My power and control over you in a more direct manner, to feel your helplessness in resisting My commands.  It gives Me a tingling sensation that is quite pleasurable......Watching you give in to My superior power.  I know the secret, which I will share with you.  The more you want to please Me with each act of submission and obedience, the more intense your a level of pleasure.

So it works out so well for both of U/us to just let go and surrender of all conscious thought, just like you are eager to do for Me right now.  you like being My guinea pig, being useful for all My experimentations.  When everything is broken down into Binary coding...all behaviors are disassembled into a set of algorithms......and run through the Core of your robotized the system is infiltrated....and ends up being altered, reprogrammed.  It’s like having a computer hacker finding a way inside your system.  Knowing all the sensitive, secretive parts of you, exposed... So sexy...HOT...and I promise you, I am the perfect HACKER of your mind.  Listen to ME NOW.


New slave story posted on SFS.  It’s interesting how My slaves see the world.  If your story has not gone up yet, it will, My sweet.

As W/we get more into My Management of you, My puppy, I want to remind you of some new rules.  On some past business, am I owed any Stroke Tribute?  Or is any Chastity Offering being gifted for keeping you Hard and Horny in Chastity?


your hypnotic desires and fantasies all cum you are taken /well kinda captured.... It will be so arousing having your begging at Me feet for.....I love changing My mind because I can.  Giggles

My special deals ...

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