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Double Jeopardy

How do you like the New Year so far, My pet? In the cold of winter I’ve made you so HOT for your Domina. And that intensity continues this week with Double Jeopardy...a Trance In a Trance. As W/we have done so many times before, I bring you down deep into an erotic trance where you become so suggestible and open to everything I say. Then, once there, something new. A new sensation of being doubly entranced, your will and identity lost completely in Me and My control. your arousal heightened.

I bring you deeper and guide you so pleasurably and slowly to the very height of physical pleasure. An intense need to serve and obey grows stronger and harder. So at the very moment you are compelled to climax, I stop suggesting and guiding you because you will know what you need to do to please Me. Consider this a TEST of Class lessons learned, of self discovery, of cravings and addiction for Me, of what you need to do for your Domina, who has done all this just for you, My puppy. I am eager to see how you choose to Please and Serve Me and be My true and real submissive.


I appreciate how you have helped Me with some of the expenses for O/our new website. And now I am returning the CHALLENGE to My future security where you can be most helpful with My financial priorities. Everything you contribute I am dedicating to My retirement fund. I have 3 months to make My 2018 contribution of $5500.


Volunteer Participants look for My release instructions for the 15th of this month. Anyone else may contact Me and “Beg” for My permission and instructions with a Stroke Tribute.

How do you like the new Website? Are you spending more time with Me? Finding everything you need? If you have any questions or suggestions write to Me.


I am posting two new slave stories on SFS. One is from a slave who just loves to take care of his Domina with TRIBUTES. Shall W/we make an arrangement? ~giggles~ And the other story is about the power of My shoes, feet and toes. A new Domina addiction for you, My foot slave.


A full dose of Behavior Control with LAB RAT 2. Ready for My experimentations on you?
Also, I am currently writing your class lesson for Re-form School #7 on CONTROL for later this month. This is going to be a very instructive and sexy session.

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Ice Queen - Destroyer Of Minds

My sweet, I have the perfect follow up to last week's session with a HUGE WARNING.  First, I have to tell you, I was caught off guard as to how much control you want to give over to Me.  I was HAPPY to see just how much I made you think...It does not matter if I am your Queen Of Hearts Or your Queen Of are MINE.  The control that I have over your mind is all that I need...and it is what you give to Me, every time you listen to My voice.  I am PLEASED!  I feel TRUSTED and LOVED!  That is an amazing feeling.

So for this week, I BRING you the actual PART 2 of the ICE QUEEN -- Destroyer of loved the first Ice Queen, so you will be lost in this session.  you will find that I am your devious and decadent ICE QUEEN, the ruler and destroyer of minds, and only by obliterating your resistance can I transform you into the compliant obedient thrall I need you to be.  All it will take is a few well placed words, My soothing voice and an irresistible fixation point to mesmerize your subjugated mind, and you'll be rendered utterly defenseless, mindlessly aroused, and perfectly primed for My inescapable ICY embrace... (wicked laugh)

But, My sweet, be careful what you wish for, My servant. This is not a game or a fantasy any more, no no, W/we are way beyond that now.  The decisions and choices you make in this session will define your reality.  Be assured I do have the power to immobilize your senses, to stimulate your erotic and latent desires, and to trigger deeply implanted fetishes that have been dormant until now.

So LISTEN without hesitation...I am the ICE Queen...your DREAM!

Updates:  I am PLAYING catch up (with a cold) be patient, I'm here...just a little more and W/we are back on track.

Coming Soon:  Lab Rat...but do you need a sweet hug first.  I'll decide.

Gifts:  Still gifts with NO name...please let Me know if you sent something that I have not emailed you about.


Happy New Year from your Domina Shelle



I  am bringing the DARING ICE QUEEN to help you celebrate this Grand Re-Opening of O/our website and to bring in another Happy arousing NEW YEAR together.  Have you been exploring the NEW SITE and finding it as exciting as I have?  Let Me know what you think about the new look and I am here if you have any questions.  Support your Domina and find social outlets to spread the word with links to the Site.  So many exciting options for you.  Have you tried the “SEARCH” function?  It’s awesome... For instance, if you missed My "GIFT OF LOVE" for Christmas, just put it in Search and click. Giggles…

I APPRECIATE all that you did for Me for Christmas.  I feel like a Queen...My sweet, if you have NOT gotten a THANK YOU from Me, please email Me.  I LOVE Amazon, but they don’t always give Me a name.  Did you enjoy the presents I sent you.  I love spoiling you, too.  What an AMAZING 2018!!!!!!  I’m ready to kick off 2019.  What are you doing to celebrate?  I work, imagine that. Haha

OH and I almost forgot, the NEW subscription side of the site will be available sometime soon.  I will keep you posted and tell you all about it.

Queen of Domination


What a deep, intense and HARD start to 2019 with this week’s QUEEN of Domination.  Such a wonderful existence I have created for you with a transformation of your mind.  I liberate and allow you to lose all power and control to Me, your captivating and mesmerizing Ice Queen.  Nothing feels better than becoming completely subservient and enslaved to your wicked devious Queen.  I mercilessly use your desires, fetishes and urges against you.  They don’t call Me the UNETHICAL QUEEN of HYPNOTISM for no reason.  My sweet, you will never be free of these because your Domina, the wicked Ice Queen lives in your mind.  Serve with My presence in your mind by stroking for Me, always aroused, desperate to hear Me say.....Keep stroking, slave.  I give you permission to cum for your WICKED Queen, now!  How is that for a Happy New Year?  Has a woman ever had you by the BALLS...giggles.  Be warned this session is POWERFUL and can be a bit HARD CORE...NOT for the faint of heart.


In O/our NEW YEAR’S EVE tradition.  Listen to your Brainwash Mantra Loop... Remember your Domina with your last thought of 2018 and at midnight lift a toast to your Princess with your first thought of 2019:  you are a slave to Princess/Domina Shelle.  I am your addiction and ​sole desire.  Email Me or TEXT Me, if you can...just keep in mind, I’ll be working New Year's Eve, so be patient for My HAPPY NEW YEAR'S GREETING to you.  So let Me say it NOW...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  Let’s make 2019 another AMAZING year together!  I want you ALL to enjoy a very Happy New Year with My permission to release on the 1st to the ICE QUEEN.

CONTRACTED, follow your SFS calendar for My New Year’s Day instructions.  you are very welcome. ~giggles~


Next week, I’m deciding between a 2 for 1 sale to start off the New Year.  Or I will be doing additional research and experimenting on your mind as My Lab Rat 2...or another EDITION of the ORIGINAL ICE QUEEN...what to do.  I know that the new sessions will blow your mind, don’t be afraid.  you can TRUST Me!

It’s great to start the new year under My behavior control.  I am just too good to you, My pet!

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Merry Christmas from Shelle



And Abracadabra just like that W/we are open for business.  I’m so excited about how it looks and is finally available for you.  Take your time and explore.  W/we now have a search function, so find what you need.  All just in time for Christmas spending.  Yippee!  More next week after I see how the Website is working for you.


Happy Holiday season and a very Merry Christmas.  It’s back to Re-Form School this week.  O/our previous sessions have been exploring your status as a submissive, as My slave, and how that has strengthened O/our Dom-slave relationship..... Showing you the very positive, arousing effect this has on you and on O/our relationship.  With this week’s Re-Form School - Class #6 slave’s Responsibilities, your Professor Shelle is teaching you, My student, what is expected of you as Mine.

Professor Shelle's Re-Form School - Class #6

The focus is on U/us and O/our responsibilities.  In this session I explain how W/we make commitments to each other and, as always, how you can do the very best you can to achieve your role as My slave.  This shows Me how true and real is your submission and obedience, your affection, love and devotion.  This may well be your most important homework assignment.

I have SURPRISES coming for you...Yes, a Santa Shelle SURPRISE.  Watch for details...and your email box.


Think of how important I am to you.  you need Me.  Where would you be without Me?  Now is the perfect time to drop your gift at Santa Shelle’s sexy little feet...HoHoho... With Christmas it’s the best time to take good care of your Domina, please Me and make Me happy with your giving.  And My gift to you will soon be under your tree.  Doesn’t that make O/ours a most perfect world?

On Christmas Day have the best time with your family, loved ones.  Put Me at the center of your Christmas, where you want your Princess to be.  At exactly 11 am EST (My time) Christmas day, wherever you may be, I want you to raise a glass to Me.  Then I will be thinking of you on Christmas and how long W/we have been together.
Let’s make this a new Christmas tradition.  So if you are in California that’s 8am Christmas.  If in Germany that’s 5pm.  If you are on the other side of the world, like New Zealand, then make it at 11am your time on Christmas day.


I am bringing back a very special Mistress to help celebrate the Grand Reopening of O/our new website.  The demanding ICE QUEEN will return to give you a very, very, very HARD New Year.  I really hope you are ready for all the things I have planned for you, My pet.  A very EXCITING 2019.

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This week, let’s play a game of will with hypnosis. I’ll be trying really hard with My Sweet Manipulation to do what I do really well and you just see....well, let’s see what happens. I know I’ll be too irresistible. After all, whenever you hear My sexy voice and listen to My arousing words, whether you try to resist or not, you end up in the same place. Helpless, blank, turning over all control to your Domina. And whether you remember all the details or not, you are left refreshed, happy, rested and very aroused.

Seduction feels so good. It doesn’t matter what I say or if you remember. Just trust Me to know what’s best for you, Don’t you, My puppy? you are free at last, in My good hands needing My living there inside your mind. It doesn’t matter that you are doing things and not remembering why. Did you hear a snap of My fingers? Are you fantasizing about Me all the time, now? No need to ask yourself, Why am I stroking, now? you will remember I am your pleasure and pleasing Me is your greatest pleasure. Want to play with Me?

My sweet, if you enjoy a little mind CONFUSION, well you will love the Confusional Induction...Just be careful, you may find yourself falling a lot deeper than you planned…

Note: Confusion inductions are not recommended for those already deeply confused or troubled, such as suicidal, grieving, or paranoid individuals.


HoHoHo---time to get those letters out to Santa Shelle- What are you doing for Xmas? Do you have a little wish that Santa Shelle might help you with.

Christmas came early to North Carolina, at least it looks like a Christmas WONDERLAND. I have been snowed in for days. I am taking the week to write more sexy sessions for you.... And staying more connected. Preparing exciting things for the New Year. It’s been a very hard year for your Domina....working “twice” on the new Website, flooding and storm damages to the house with lots of inconvenient repair work, being sick for too many days......just working too hard.

I am expecting an AMAZING Christmas to make this another amazing year. And it’s all up to you, My pet, to make sure it happens for Me. I know you will make it happen because you never disappoint Me. Ask Me if you need suggestions.

In this spirit of giving, I have some Christmas gifts for you, next week. Let’s make this the most AMAZING Christmas W/we have shared together.


you have been notified about My permission and instructions for RELEASE on the 15th. If you have not been notified and you need to beg for your release, you may contact Me or it's so easy to receive My permission with a Stroke Tribute, My gift to you.

I am posting on SFS a new slave story which I found to be an excellent reaction and expression of SUBMISSION to Me from O/our last class assignment. There are many more to come. Plus, a Vacation story. Remember the stories are given to Me as gifts and written by actual slaves. There are TONS of stories in the pipeline.


Yes, Class was just postponed one week, but so timely, now. So, be ready with a front row seat for REFORM SCHOOL - CLASS #6 slave’s Responsibilities.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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