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Professor Shelle's Re-Form School - Class #5

When you hear My voice slipping the words- accept, yield, consent, comply, capitulate, surrender do you ever wonder why it makes you feel so excited, My student? Take your seat in the front row. Wear your collar and little else for this month’s: Re-Form School-Class #5. W/we are going to explore SUBMISSION, the nature of your unique submission.... your submissive needs and desires. I have given you the luxurious pleasure of always being able to give ME your submission, that condition and state of mind which is the driving force in your life, now that I have chosen you as Mine.

My sweet, your submission to Me triggers in O/our Dom-slave relationship. your service and obedience, the arousal of pleasing Me, your love and affection....And I accept and encourage your submission. Let Me tell you how everything fits together so perfectly, just as I have planned it for you, My baby....Domina always knows best.

So, relax and pay attention to My Re-form school lesson, helping guide you to be the best slave you can be for Domina. There will be an assignment to confirm what you have learned about your submissive feelings and needs....your special way of expressing them to Me...This will help your Professor with future training lessons.


This week’s release session choices for the 1st of the Month are The Puppeteer and P*ssy Obsession.  Choose just one. I will be making a change with My general release permission policy for the 1st and the 15th. The 1st will remain the same for My contracted, and the 15th the same for all Volunteer Assignment helpers. I will be communicating directly with you. Anyone else who needs or is seeking permission to release then or at any time, just get in touch with Me....and I will allow you to “beg” for your release with a Stroke Tribute. Don’t you find it more exciting that way?

Contracted look for a new SFS slave story. Plus your NEW training is coming soon.


I am expecting to have the New Website up for the New Year for the start of a great 2019 W/we will have together. How time flies when you’re having fun.


So many things to do with your mind. Maybe I Erase it and start all over, molding it just the way I want it.

My special deals ...

Dark Room - Initial Indoctrination

First of all I hope that you had an amazing Thanksgiving.  This is such a perfect time of the year.  I am ready for the season.  I want to spend every moment with U/us together.  I have wonderful plans for you.

My puppy, you follow your Domina everywhere I lead you...Deep into My Erotic Hypnotic World, far into the Sleeping Forest, onto My playground.  In December I hope to take you with Me to Tennessee with an assignment to work My FARM.  But today your Domina is going to captivate you and float you into the still blackness of My Dark Room ... I have some surprises for you in there.  Trust Me.  Surrender all control, My baby.  you will obey your brainwashing.

I don’t want to give too much away, but for the future, you will find yourself back in this place...a perfect place for brainwashing.

I will tell you that you may not remember all that happens to you as you fall into the deepest state of trance...don’t worry, I’ll be right there with you.


I really want to thank My volunteers for helping Me out in such a big way.  This makes your Domina very happy.  Just knowing that you care enough to do My bidding.  It feels good to depend on you.  I know this makes you happy too...W/we both get what W/we want. I love your SPOILING ME.

I’ve been asked about My Volunteer Savings Assignment, sometimes confused with My Volunteer Assignment which is when I call on you for bill paying and other assistance.

So to clear up any confusion.  This is a Voluntary assignment that is meant to help you integrate Me more into your everyday life and help you manage saving money.  When you plan to buy something, you are also thinking of Me.  So now, you think of the best way to save money when buying something you want....Or even deciding not to spend money but save it.  And the savings you have, you send to Me and I know you are thinking of your Domina and want to please Me.  Isn’t that just PERFECT!  So My suggestion is....surprise Me anytime you want.

WEBSITE --- I will HOPE to have a GRAND opening before the New Year. Giggles!!!


School will be in session for Re-Form School-Class #5.  Bring your Submission.

If you have NOT experienced one of My class sessions, this one is perfect for you.

My special deals ~~~

My sweet, where shall I begin. First of all, I want us all to stop and be THANKFUL. Be Thankful for our FAMILIES, our health, our thankful that I found you. Life can get crazy, as I often demonstrate for you. But, as long as W/we have each other and W/we have LOVE, that is all W/we need. If all other things are gone tomorrow, W/we have each other. A shoulder, a hand up, love and understanding...including TRUST and TRUTH. THAT is what I will be THANKFUL for this Thanksgiving week. I know that not all of us celebrate this holiday...but take this week, no matter where you are and do as Bob Marley once was quoted as saying: "Start the day with a song in your heart".

I am THANKFUL for you this Holiday!

I think that you feel it just as I do...W/we give to each other. The D/s relationship that W/we have built and building is just what W/we need. W/we depend on each other for support and LOVE...A great foundation as O/our JOURNEY takes U/us deeper.
I have no idea why, but I am in the mood for the SEASON. Let's make it AMAZING. Let's stay CLOSE! Keep each other warm for the coming SEASON. Call Me, let's share a hot cocoa. Tell Santa Shelle your Xmas wishes.

Brainwashed Naked

Now for the special care that I always promise you...The training that you need so desperately. I have two sessions, the first is a NEW Doctrination Brainwashing session. It's SHORT and SWEET! I know you are busy, I always give you what you want and NEED. So listen and feel the NAKED truth...get DOCTRINATED.

The second session is for My sissy...It's sexy, it's's all about the Sissy Foundation of feeling that inner glow. So slip into something sassy and put your headphones on. Let's work on the core of your DESIRES!

Sissy Foundation

It looks like My website is really close. Once the site is ready to go live, there will be a 24-48 hour transition period where the site will be down. Don't worry, I'll let you know ahead of time when to expect this to happen.

Check out My special deals ...


Falling and drifting deeply into trance with MY (upcoming) NEW Mindlessly Hypnotized session, Hypnotized SUBLIMINIZED MIND is the ultimate surrender.  Do SUBLIMINAL messages really work...let’s find out.  This sessions is a MASTERPIECE...I used 3d effects like NEVER before.  NO one will resist My power.  Put yourself in My sensual HYPNOTIC hands and give your Princess your complete submission and obedience.  you are hypnotized by My voice as I take you into a MINDLESS state of being...just being.

This session is your will be COMATOSE.  Listen and experience a SUBLIMINIZED MIND.  I PROMISE you will listen to this session over and OVER.

After you listen to this week’s session and you are not Contracted, but you have a craving for My suggestions, here is a suggestion you need to obey. If you want to get closer to Me, email Me with “questionnaire” in the heading and ask for My slave questionnaire.  It’s just a baby step.  Who knows where it might lead.  The more you fight Me, the weaker you become.  Remember, lust is more satisfying when you cum to love your Princess.


Thursday, the 15th of November, is a big day this month.  I will send an invoice for your first bill paying contribution to My VOLUNTEER Assignment, due the 15th.  Something I am so pleased about.  I am giving you Permission to C*m with the choice of WORSHIP-Kneel at My Feet or DOMINANCE-A Hypnotic Brainwashing.  If not a VOLUNTEER slave, I expect your TRIBUTE for allowing your orgasm.  Chastity slave you may use a session with the option of denying orgasm.  Never too late to be My Volunteer.

The New Website is taking a little longer than expected to be completed and open for business.  It’s worth the wait.  I have put together a very special session that I will be recording soon for the Grand Opening.  Don’t forget My Challenge To PLEASE.  I always appreciate your love and support.

I am PLEASED with your Reform School assignments.  I’ve enjoyed reading your responses and I am using them to prepare your lesson plan for Class #5 later this month.


Think DARK....soft soothing darkness.... ~giggles~

My special deals this week ~~~

Lucid DREAMS--Set --
Have the Girlfriend Experience...Lucid Dreams...Set of 3 files.

My Chosen slave --
"My Chosen slave"---words that arouse all your "senses".

Permanent Love -- NO ESCAPE --
This file will take your love for ME to incredible depths and make those feelings permanent.

My sweet, I had the week all planned out.  But, I put it on hold.  The past weeks have been too SERIOUS.  Too much happening.  I just want U/us to have a nice easy week together...spend more time together in CHAT, in emails and talk.  So I decided that W/we will kick off the HOLIDAYS right now, THIS WEEKEND.  So, email Me with your ideas, holiday plans or just because you have missed Me.  Then stock up!  Yes, My puppy, stock up on any sessions that you may have been waiting on.
It’s the perfect time.  BUY any session and get one any two sessions and get two free...etc.  (free sessions must be equal or less value)  Email Me with your FREE choices after making your purchases.  This Special ends on Nov. 6th Tuesday night at Midnight, Eastern time.  Let’s get this season moving in the right direction.  W/we all need a BRIGHT Holiday SEASON.  Let’s get festive.

I want your brain to be MUSH for all that I have to ETCH on it.  A soft brain is easy to write on. Giggles!!!

My puppy, Maybe I don’t say it enough, but you know how much I depend on you.  you are My motivation.  And I’m very appreciative of all the support you give Me and how willingly you come to My aid when I really need it or call on you.  I may be talented, but getting everything ready every week Is hard work....and without your monthly obligations none of this would be happening.


It’s been so enjoyable to read your School assignments.  I will be writing future lesson plans based on your assignment.  I’m learning a lot about the additional slave training you need and I require!!

The New Website will be a HYPNOTIC SEXUAL pleasure, just to look at.  The Membership area is being worked on now.

There is a lot of sadness in the world in recent days.  Let’s take comfort in each other’s support.  Let’s have an amazing Holiday Season.


I want next week to be a surprise....but, I do have to tell you I have some amazing plans for you in the NEAR future.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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