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Dopamine - Addictions Of The Mind

This week will satisfy all your cravings, even those you didn’t know you had with Dopamine-Addictions of the Mind.  As you float into a state of pure relaxation and sink into sleep, I am going to switch on your Dopamine neural transmitter.  The more Dopamine that flows through your brain, the more intense the pleasure.  Another experiment to see just how much DOPAMINE you can absorb.

The intensity levels of pleasure may vary based on your reaction to the images, fetishes and addictions I will be feeding your mind.  One gauge to measure these Dopamine levels will be how fast, your hard and throbbing c*ck grows.  My guinea pig, inside your mind I go again.  Now you see why I am making this an ABSOLUTELY COMPULSORY session.

For this scientific experiment I have a gift of pictures, specifically for this week’s session.  I do this to double your pleasure.  The pictures includes a Mantra to recite which explains how you achieve maximum pleasure by pleasing Me when I permit your release with a Stroking Tribute.

Why not go all the way with your Domina.  See My Panties on Special.


W/we continue to make progress on reaching My goal with just 3 weeks to go.  Challenge To PLEASE is My immediate priority and you are allowed to continue to be helpful.  I want you to keep the rewards of being in My Princess Circle in your mind.  As all your pleasure centers climax and you shout out My name, if you are thinking of Pleasing Me and make your CHALLENGE contribution, then this Erotic Experiment is a complete success.

I am so pleased with your response to the Chastity Assignment.  I want My submissive to understand the many virtues of abstinence and sacrificing for Me.  W/we acknowledge the important role chastity has in O/our D/s relationship.

I want to give you more opportunities to surrender control to your Domina through file sessions, assignments, and individualized personal arrangements.  If you, finding yourself totally obsessed and addicted with your Domina and are in need of more strict obedience and control, get in touch with “Management” in the email heading and tell Me what you need from masturbation instructions and control to strict obedience and abstinence to a combination of both.


Dopamine is soooooo good, I want EVERYONE to concentrate on it with My pictures, so I am putting off Brain Chip-B PLUG until next week.

Contracted, look for a new SFS slave story.  The Collar.  I like it.  Are you wearing yours? ~giggles~  Oh and your March session too.


In My Dark Room of Destruction discover new ways fantasies of Me will make you weak and hard under the pleasure of My power over you.  This arouses Obey Me.

Check My special deals:

At My Feet --
Have you ever felt what it is like to be BELOW and BENEATH a Dominant Woman?

Breast Obsession --
you are already addicted to My voice, and have surrendered to My words—now it is time for you to obsess with my body—giggle.

Professor Shelle's Re-Form School - Class #8

The bell RINGS for Professor Shelle’s Re-Form School Class #8-Chastity.  This needs no real introduction for My Chastity slave.  For you this is a way of life and a welcomed reward after all those release sessions. ~giggles~  But this is very much a part of Masturbation Control, only less emphasis on masturbation and much more on control......and obedience.

As I become increasingly integrated into all parts of your life, and you become more and more MINE, Chastity, when I require it, is an important way you serve your Domina.  I am training you in all the different ways you demonstrate submission and obedience to My control.  My goal is always to make you a better slave to Me and at the same time I show you TRUE happiness.

The more chaste you are, the closer O/our bond, the more mental and physical pleasure you feel...a perfect way of expressing submission, obedience, love and devotion.  I make you a better person because Chastity promotes self control over masturbation, selflessness to focus on the needs of others, especially your Domina, and self sacrifice by denying orgasm and pleasing Me with your obedience.

C*m Proof Assignment

After class this Chastity assignment is Mandatory:  C*m Proof Assignment - Shelles's 7 Days OF CHASTITY.  The objective of this training is to promote Me as the focal point in your daily life, adjusting your routines and helping you acknowledge that I am the one true source for all your erotic and submissive pleasures with control and authority over your sex.  Chastity is a powerful tool that refocuses the submissive from a life of self gratification, independence and being in control to having to earn release and being much more dependent on its Dominant when making decisions.  For required files, if you need a package deal, email Me.

The only exception to My instructions is for My married submissive if your wife expects your services to please her.  Any disobedience and loss of self control will require a Chastity Penalty.

Coming this week (Sunday):

In addition to your School session, I have something special for My sissy slave with Sissy Chip Upgrade.  W/we’ll have fun playing with this. ~giggles~


W/we are making progress on reaching O/our don’t forget Challenge To PLEASE is My immediate priority and thank you for being so helpful.  This is great motivation for all this work for you every week.  Keep UP the good work and I’ll be keeping track to see who makes it into My Princess Circle as Prince Charming.  My slave knight, saving his Princess....oh, such a SEXY thought.  A special reward AWAITS!


After a week in Chastity, I will be talking more about the entire spectrum of My Masturbation Control Management.


Next week will be the very powerful DOPAMINE 2 - ADDICTIONS OF THE MIND.  My new Picture set Dopamine 2–FETISHES FOR YOUR MIND will go perfectly with this session.  Double pleasure might make you too weak for Me.  A reward for a week in Chastity for Me.

Be ADVISED....I may change My mind...I am in control.  you follow!

I will respond to your reactions to School and Chastity.

My special deals ...

Deceptive TRUTH

--- Listen to the Sample ---

I love My NEW word, SWICKED...Hummm, Sweet and WICKED!  Wicked and’re in real trouble.

This week, My pet, it’s just you and Me and finally W/we get a little time together, all alone.  I mean O/our sexy fun time with My doing what you already want Me to do...Deceptive TRUTH...SEXY, Provocative, alluring and most WICKED...oh, playful and a MIND TEASE!  A mindfucking persuasion.  Don’t let Me mislead you.  It’s very much O/our story as I explain the truth in a very WICKED way...I LOVE teaching you, by showing you...especially in O/our Dom-slave relationship.  you trust Me to do what is best for YOU.  So, there is nothing to fear.  I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do.  Oh and you won’t be begging Me to, well you know...just wait and see.

I love alluring you with arousing thoughts and suggestions that you can NOT one could.  I give you so many many ways to...oh wait, don’t want to give too much away.  But, don’t worry, you are free to choose what you want to do and what you don’t want to do.  It’s all up to you, My puppy.  I won’t be tricking you into any decision, but just explaining everything and making a full disclosure about every choice you have.  you decide.  In fact, I REALLY have to be persuaded to accept all that you want, are you good at PERSUASION.  So many things, so many ways...all the ways, My baby.

Now, My slave, listen to this session for the next 3 days or how about all week long... And don’t forget your purple maker assignment.  you will soon understand.
If you still have a decision to make you will have to beg Me for a Collaring or a Slave Contract.  Or both.  I’ll be waiting for your PERSUASION.


Now is a good time to remind you the BEST way to please Me.  All contributions you make to Challenge To PLEASE will help Me with the additional $3400 I need this year to reach the goal for My retirement fund.  There are 5 weeks left.  you have always come through when I’ve needed you.  THANK you My loyal and DEVOTED slave...I do hate TAX season...don’t you.


I had a spectacular photo shoot.  My best pictures will be available soon.  My plan is to drive you CRAZY about Me.

Contracted, I have posted a new SFS slave story:  Sissy rose Handmaiden Story.  Thank you, rose, for wanting to take care of your Domina.  Video shoot REDO moved to NEXT week.


Next week may be Re-Form School with Class #8, when I teach you all about CHASTITY.  There will also be a Required 7 Day CHASTITY Assignment.  With that I will also have a special session for My sissy slaves.  Or Dopamine Part 2...I’ll surprise you. Giggles!!!!

Check out special deals ...

Dark Room - Oblivion

Listen to the Sample ---

Bring your unquestioning trust and your desires to be re-made by your Domina, so that in your past, present and your future there is ONLY ME with this week’s Dark Room - Oblivion.  you have let Me into the sanctuary of your mind.  I have used it as My Forest, as My office couch, My dungeon and now My Dark Room where anything can and does happen...Funny thing is, no matter how dark it will be, you trust Me, My pet, and always let Me go deep into the sanctuary of your mind.

I fill the darkness, the nothingness, and show you the connection between My Power and pleasure.  There’s only My power, and only your OBEDIENCE in the Dark Room.  your mind is Mine, your will is Mine.  I am the MISTRESS of your MIND...I am the Mistress of the darkness.  Every step W/we take together hand in hand is preparing you for your future.  This sanctuary, my dark room, is now one of your favorite places...a place where you an I can be alone...and this isn’t your first experience with it.  I have brought you here in different ways before. Sometimes you forget, it is easy to forget what happens in the blackness.  So many paths that end in the same place, different places and the end of the same path, everything becomes something else, and something else was also just something before it became what is was, so what it becomes is what I want it to be.  you will soon see why the dark room....that special sanctuary in your not controlled by time and space.

The dark room reaches the deepest recesses of your VULNERABLE BLANK and EMPTY mind.  I can take you anywhere in My special room...My voice flows through you from all directions, no one can resist, because I am too good to you.  And if you remember what happened, you can remember what to send Me. ~giggles~


I’m so pleased with your new commitments to Me from your Re-Form School assignment.  Remember to follow up to show you are learning My school lessons on serving and pleasing your Domina or I’ll have to bring My ruler to the next class.  And I know you are very pleased with your 8 day Control assignment.  See how nicely this all works?


Next week, I’m going to re-focus your attention on My Challenge To PLEASE.  There will be only 5 weeks to help with My savings goal for your Domina’s future, O/our future together.  your continued support is what keeps Me going in those moments I am overworking getting you something new and exciting every week.  Who’s going to be My Prince Charming and give your Princess the life of ease and leisure and luxury She deserves?  I’ll be looking for volunteers. ~giggles~


I am posting a new SFS sissy slave story by rose My Handmaiden.

I’m reading your LOVE LETTERS NOW!  I’ll write you back soon...and I circle YES! Giggles!!!


I will have been working on MIND PLEASURE with a major reward for you next week.  All I have to say is Dopamine, and you know I’ll make this a MANDATORY experience.

My special deals ...

Domina Shelle Rivers--Erotic Hypnosis


you REALLY love Me. I have been overwhelmed by your gifts of Love and show of devotion. you make your Domina feel very appreciated. And in return I am bringing you back to School with Professor Shelle’s Re-Form School Class #7-CONTROL. Control is something I know you want from your Domina. Control is at the core of why you come to Me. Seeking My Control makes O/our Dom-sub relationship more perfect. W/we both get what W/we want. Oh and so many subtle ways I use My sexy control...I bet sometimes you don’t even realize what I am doing to you. It just seems so natural now. Just as it should.

Professor Shelle's Re-Form School - Class #7

--- Listen to the SAMPLE ---

This session will reinforce your journey of submission and the many ways you do your very best to serve and please your explains why Obedience is pleasure....and why serving and pleasing Domina is your greatest pleasure. All good things come to you when you surrender and willingly devote yourself to Me. I will teach how as My submissive, your needs are satisfied through obedience to My control and domination. This will intensify all your feelings into cravings for more, more submission, more helplessness...MORE of My SEXY control.

My puppy, W/we are in this power exchange very much together.

After school, you will complete a class assignment to demonstrate the growth in your ability to Please Me.

In addition, I have a new excitable Playground Surrender BB that will focus on one special aspect of My control and prove to yourself how REAL your desire to surrender your submissive self completely to My control and authority over everything that is important to you. It comes with an 8 DAY CONTROL MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT.

If W/we are currently not connected and you are interested in more Control by a Dominant Woman, email Me with “Questionnaire” in the heading and I will send you My questionnaire, leading to a possible Slave Contract.


WEBSITE NOTICE:  My Websites  -- This website (SRH), (SFS) and Lady H are expected to be down for up to 12 hours on Saturday night, the server will be doing some updates. Don’t worry, I’ll be available through emails, I never leave you completely alone. You’d miss Me, too much. So don’t wait, listen to your School Control lesson. Surrender BB while going to bed tonight and start your Assignment tomorrow morning.


Next week, follow Me as I’ll be taking you into a Dark place where anything can happen. Do I have your attention yet...Also, your Control Assignment should end by next weekend...

Assignment files:  Pleasing Me, Living on the Edge, The Lock, Dangerous Pleasures, Chemical Sedation

Check My special deals ...

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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