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Professor Shelle's ReForm School - Class #9

With Spring in full bloom, this week I bring you Class #9 of 15 in My ReForm School sessions. This is My first FULLY SUBLIMINIZED classroom session. In this month’s class lesson, as Your Professor Shelle, I will be exploring O/our relationship and reviewing your need for surrender to your POWERFUL Domina. I will be explaining My plan for providing more direct and personal control and “management” over some of your everyday activities, reaching beyond the time you spend listening to My sessions.

As I have promised, each year together will bring you deeper into submission and obedience, needing Me and My control. Intensifying the pleasure of Pleasing Me. My goal is to have your craving more of My direct and active control (what I mean by Management) over more and more of your life. This Class explains ways to reach the goals of O/our future together, which is what I was thinking about when I wrote your lesson plan.

you will help set My priorities for your future training by choosing to make some commitments as part of your class Assignment by thinking of your priorities, your need for My active control. My priority is always making the best use of My time. you know how good it feels to be managed by a sexy Dominant Woman…

After the feedback from your Class assignment I will explain more about Shelle’s Management services. I am now reviewing your 7 day Hypno Dungeon Assignment.

My goal is always to make you a better slave to Me. Remember to choose at least 3 sessions for this week’s class assignment. you will find some of them in My Special Deals.


I have posted a new slave story on SFS.  Available this weekend to everyone not having access to SFS.  Watch for it in new releases.


Remember the Female Authority figures in your life when you were a little boy? More on that later.

I will also have a special sissy surprise, possibly your most important conditioning session, another in My new Sissygasm series.

Check My SPECIALS this week ---


--- Listen to a Sample ---

I know you can imagine having your mind taken over because it happens every time you listen to My voice.  you are programmed to surrender.  WIRED TO SUBMIT.  But have you ever dreamed of being Mentally and physically taken, by My wicked mind games.  With this week's Hypno-Dungeon, I weave an erotic story of sexual submission and domination by a beautiful, captivating Woman into your suggestible mind.  With your mind wiped blank, you are completely open and vulnerable to My naughty thoughts.  This BRAINWASHING is so easy now...I slip right in and you don’t even know that I am there... Giggles!!!

Can you imagine what it would feel like, if I could capture and trigger your imagination in My Dungeon of Desires, with the fantasies only I can create.  you are about to find yourself so aroused and horny and on edge for Me, day after day, after day, after day.  Remember there is NO Too Much of a Good Thing when your Domina is at the center of ALL your fantasies and desires.

you are to follow all My instructions.  This session comes with a DUNGEON 7 day Assignment.  Seven days of sheer arousing excitement.  I am just too good to you, My puppy.  Let’s just say, happy HORNY HARD week.


Contracted, I have posted a new slave story on SFS, but I am making it available on My website so everyone not contracted can also read it.  Enter the Queen of Domination By My slave-drone.

The Challenge to Please was a tremendous success.  I reached My goal and made a good start on building a REAL savings account.  Thank you all, especially My sugar babies.  Kisses and Love to all.

Savings Assignment - There is good reason to spend your money wisely, in addition to sending Me the savings.  A simple way to please your Domina and make Me happy with you.  It’s also a good personal habit to have, to spend wisely and build your own savings.  One good way that is also healthy for you is to eat out less and have healthy food at home to eat. you lose weight and become more self sufficient.  you can always send Me pictures of what you are cooking and how you saved money for Me. ~giggles~


Re-Form School-Class #9 SHELLE’S MANAGEMENT SERVICES.  A new phase for your deeper submission to My control.

I will also have a special sissy surprise, possibly your most important conditioning session.  In addition, I am leaving a sexy package at your front door, that you can open and use with My future Management services.

Check out special deals ~~~

Dirty Secrets

Hummm.  I know when it cums from your Domina, there is never Too Much of a Good Thing.  Subliminized-Mistress of your Mind, was very popular and well received... something you just had to have.  That shows just how much you love ME fu*king around inside your mind.  But this week with Dirty Secrets I’ll allow you a sweet break.  Because, all I want to do is place a secret trigger inside your brain.  I just bet that you are going straight to My website right now, you can’t download the implant fast enough, can you...~~~Giggles~~~  Soon, My deeply implanted trigger will be sitting there deep in your mind and then all of a sudden you find yourself compelled to obey the trigger I have implanted and there you are, mindlessly doing what I’ve told you to do.  This IMPLANTED TRIGGER is NOT like on the playground, because it does not need Me to cause the reaction.  It could be a tv commercial, or a friend or a book...Giggles~~~  Don't worry, I won't have you clucking like a chicken.

Ooooh, so much fun.  I’m so swicked.  Just the way you love Me, taking over your mind, making you feel so submissive and obedient.  I have so many wicked plans for you, My pet.  I’m so excited and feeling like the Queen of Domination.  Lucky you.  Am I being too good to you? ~giggles~  See, there is NO Too Much of a Good Thing when Domina is so swicked with you.


This weekend is your last chance to make a small contribution to Challenge To PLEASE.  Monday is Tax Day when I make My final retirement payment for this year.  you have been so wonderful showing your love for Me.  I appreciate any sacrifice you may have made for Me.  I will be in touch with My special “sugar babies” ~giggles~ who went far above My expectations.  Any additional funds will be used to build up savings for those unexpected expenses.  I plan to send My personal thanks to all contributors.  Thank you again, My devoted sweethearts.


I also want to give special thanks to My army of Volunteers who “protect” and take good care of their Princess.  Look for My email/Tweets giving you some sexy instructions for the 15th.  I am recruiting new Volunteers to enlist into My Royal Guard of VOLUNTEERS.  you may stand at attention. ~giggles~


I think you need a little visit to My dungeon next week.  I’ll be having more fun with you, My slave.

Check My special deals ...

Subliminized - Mistress of your Mind

My pet, is there anything better than the feeling of a sexy wicked woman taking away your last bit of resistance...taking over your subconscious mind and leaving you vulnerable and completely open for whatever She wants to IMPLANT into your brain.  SEXY, isn’t it....oh, so easy, the way I can prepare your subconscious mind to absorb all My subliminal instructions...especially in this week’s Subliminized-Mistress of your Mind, instructions you aren’t even aware of.  you have become so conditioned by Me that I simply whisper into your programmed mind and permanently insert My suggestions.

It’s so arousing to give up control, that is why you do it so easily and willingly.  I am your addiction. I am pleasure.  Being so weak for Me arouses you.  When you are horny, you focus everything on your Domina.  Just the way I like you, My slave, aroused and submissive serving at MY feet, desperately longing to be controlled and dominated, doing whatever I command.  you are submissive to My control.  you just can’t resist Me.  I am your obsession and pleasing Me is all you want to do.  your need to serve compels you to make Me happy.  And that makes you happy.

Get SUBLIMINIZED I have placed previous sessions in My Special Deals.

Brain Chip - Implant Upgrade-Sissy Hole

And finally, I have something special for My sissy slave with Sissy Hole-Brain Chip Upgrade.  W/we’ll have great fun playing with this. ~giggles~  Sissygasms coming soon.  This is also for anyone who wants to “stretch” your limits under My instructions.


This week the best way to serve and make Me happy is with your contribution to My priority, Challenge To PLEASE.  Only one week left to help Me reach My goal for future financial security.  Feel selfless and make that EXTRA effort and sacrifice to PLEASE your Domina.  I will be recognizing My top contributors.  If you contribute, I will thank you, personally.


NEXT WEEK---wait and telling what I’ll come up with as I walk around the farm.

My special deals ...


Shall I continue this week as the Fix for your addiction.  Have you thought about quitting or just not listening...Do you think it is that easy...Giggles!  There is NO stopping, you can’t stop.  Just like NOW, all you can think about is another trip into the DARK room.  Even if you can’t remember what happened the first visits.
Here you are, ready to hold My hand for that fall.  I knew you’d like that, especially when I’m taking you on a new path, deep into the DARK ROOM--Warped Mind.  Face it, it’s one of your very favorite places in My world of control, mental enslavement and pleasure to listen and surrender to My soothing voice and power.  My words and commands are so irresistible when you discover there is so much pleasure in My power over you.

Dark Room - Warped Mind

--- Listen to a Sample ---

In My dark room you are powerless to resist Me even if you wanted to.  your submissive simply craves Me more, needing to feel My power and control making you so hard and desperate to please Me by strictly following My instructions.  I’ll let you cum to your own conclusions when you piece the puzzle together.

What is clear is the pleasure of obedience to My power and the pleasure of pleasing Me.  Stroke Tribute.  And when you do, know it strengthens My hold over you and your arousal, giving you pleasure in your addiction for Me.  you can’t deny that I am always your FIX.


With your generous contributions Challenge To PLEASE, W/we are moving closer to My annual goal to secure My future with just 2 weeks to go.  I am so good for you and so good to you.  Remember that at the special moment in My DARK ROOM. ~giggles~


I’ve been getting your MANAGEMENT emails and saving them.  I know you have a compelling need to submit to Me.  I’ve decided to use the April Re-Form School Class #9 to outline My plan for providing more direct and personal control and management over activities you need and want My direction and instructions.

Contracted, remember your permission for release with your monthly obligation.  I know that sacrificing is sometimes your choice.  I’ll allow you to beg at My sexy feet....see, I always know what you need.


Just wait and see….I always have a plan.

Check out special deals ...

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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