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Nothing More Nothing Less

Your SNEAKY and manipulating Domina has just what you need. I can create something out of nothing. Want to find out how? Listen to NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS. As I play with My words, I am playing with your mind. I will give your mind something new, comforting and pleasurable and when you FEEL it, your mind starts to crave it.

You already know that I am the key to your happiness. I own you, mind and body. you can’t stop thinking about Me. So, follow My words carefully. Only your Domina can make you feel this way and have this power over you, because I’m the only one that can do nothing at all to you and have that special something happen deep inside you. you will prove to yourself that no matter what I ask of you, you will always TRUST Me to know what’s best for you.

As you become more emotionally dependent on Me, you will dedicate and pledge yourself to Me with your first and last thought of each day. Through a deeper level of openness and intimacy, you learn the valuable lessons of true submission and selflessness. Funny thing is, I do nothing, you remember nothing...nothing f*cks with your mind. Oh and if you respond well to hypnotic CONFUSION...well, you will LOVE this one.

Obedience ON (snap) Listen NOW...this is what W/we both want.


My sweet puppy, here is a gift for Valentine’s Day, SHELLE’S 6 DAYS OF LOVE ASSIGNMENT. I want you to have the benefits and joy of LOVE in your mind and heart. There is a Mantra to help you along, leading you to an explosive ending on Valentine’s Day. Just follow My instructions.


With Valentine’s almost here, I know you want to do all you can to make Me feel really good, especially after that terrible month I just had. Valentine is one of the most important days of the year for Domina. It’s a day for the HEART. To help you show your love, I have these suggestions for you, in case you are torn on how to PLEASE ME. GIFT OF LOVE, is always perfect...for I can go for a massage, or get My hair done...something special, just for Me or With My CHALLENGE TO PLEASE you can look out for My future needs. Then there is My WISH LIST. Remember to let Me know, so I can personally thank you for your devoted loving care.


I am planning the next blog for Valentine’s Day, the 14th. I will have some sexy presents for you, some timely Mind f*cking GIFTS for O/our Day of Romance.

My Special Deals ...

Brain Chip Upgrade--Managed Masturbation

As I am managing more of your life, I know just the place you want your Domina to reinforce My Control. And in My weakened state, I’m letting you take advantage of My generous nature with this week’s Managed Masturbation - Brain Chip Implant Upgrade. The title gives it all away, I’m afraid, and so does this Stroke Tribute. This is a training session. I am using what I know is your very favorite Upgrade, Managed Masturbation, to have you experience sheer pleasure. My Masturbation control equals the pleasure of strict obedience plus the ultimate pleasure of Pleasing Me.

In truth, as HARD as you get, lost in your strong desire to surrender, I’m just softening you up for MY best Valentine’s Day ever, that you will be providing your wicked Princess. ~giggles~ So get ready to focus on pleasing Me with LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. And I will show you the way... by your strict obedience and complete submission. Between now and Valentine’s Day you will listen to this Upgrade every time you send your Domina a tribute or Valentine’s Day Gifts. Chastity slave you may have ONE release with your pleasure in denial to make Me happy with you. I don’t want My “tool” over used , so you may wait a day of two for your orgasm. ~giggles~


Have you missed Me? Now, what would you do without Me? I missed you, too. I really appreciate your get well wishes and Gifts of Love to cheer Me up, which has given Me comfort and joy. I will remember your loving care in My time of need. I did have a serious setback but I am recovering and now My daddy is also sick.

Check out My NEW written story, The Banker ...


I expect finally to have My voice back. It’s been on vacation. So I expect to bring to you a seemly simple hypnotic session Nothing More, Nothing Less. As always it’s a very sensual way of teaching you how to be the best you can be for Me. I am soooo good to you, My puppy.

(I haven’t been able to record anything new for the last several weeks. So I’ll just have to go searching for those previous files that I’ve been holding back for just the right moment and pick something exciting for you.)

My Special Deals ...

Shelle's Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale


As you probably know, I’ve been sick for several weeks, now. And every time I think I’m getting better, I take a turn for the worse. Coughing and sleepless nights. I haven’t been able to record. you may have noticed in the last recording that I was already under the weather. I don’t think I’ve felt this bad for this long. Thank you for your concern, kind words and wanting to be helpful. You may wonder how to send Me flowers...if you have, you may send Me a Gift of LOVE to brighten My day, My My parking, or buy Me some sweet chocolate cake….I may even buy Myself flowers.

I was so much wanting to instruct you this week with Re-Form School # 7 about Control, your need for it and My pleasure in exerting it over you. But that has to wait. But My misfortune is your good fortune, My pet. This week is a WINTER SALE, buy one file, get one FREE (SALE ENDS WED NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT, EST). Look around and find something you missed or always wanted. you might want more of MY sexy feet. Buy one and email Me for the Free one (of equal or lesser price) and I will send it to you.

If you think you may be slipping away from My control because My voice is resting, think again. My voice is always in your head...I never leave you. I am sitting in the center of your mind, just as i should be. As My slave you have past the threshold of just enjoying the simple erotic thrill of serving, we have developed a deeper D/s connection...Me and My well being is of utter importance to you... as much, if not more, than for ourselves.

I have a New Set of Shelle's Photos... A Place to Serve.  Kneel before your Domina.  See how easy it is for Me to have you enslaved by My feet, My toes, My shoes, My boots and My ever so sexy legs.  From a suggestion in Lab Rat 2 to a full blown foot fetish...and it comes with a obedience training Assignment to be used with My pictures.  I am training you to be My foot slave and training you in the intensified pleasure of submission to My orgasm control and the pleasure of Pleasing your Domina.  you will do your 7 DAY FOOT SLAVE ASSIGNMENT or 7 DAY SISSY FOOT SLAVE ASSIGNMENT.  Follow all My instructions.  And on the 7th day, which should be February 1st you have My permission to release.  For non contracted, send a Stroke Tribute to see how Pleasing Me increases the intensity of your orgasm.

To make everything even better I have a SFS slave story link here for everybody.  Shelle's NEW SHOES.  Read it first to help get you feeling submissive to My shoes.

NOTE:  Lady Helena just released a New session, Sleeper Agent.


As I am feeling better, I will be getting to more of your emails to check up on you. Re-Form School # 7 will be postponed until after Valentine’s Day.


I will have Nothing more, Nothing less next week. A seemly simple hypnotic session which is a very sensual way of teaching you how to be the best you can be for Me.

Neuro-Lab Rat - Phase 2

Calling all Lab Rats for Beta TESTING....

Every week you experience My expertise on Mind Control and brain functioning. This week I will be experimenting on your neurotransmitters with Behavior Modification-LAB RAT Phase 2, and making some adjustments to the your neuron switches programming to get a tighter grip your responses to My Control. I know you love to be My guinea pig as I turn your behavioral control switches on and off. This is part of your ongoing training to improve your reactions and behavior to ALL My suggestions.

I am perfecting you as My slave, so everything you do is to please ME. My voice puts you in a most suggestible, pleasurable state. you feel weak and suggestible and naturally you want to surrender power and control to your Domina. But I see sometimes you are being casual and not strictly obedient to My suggestions. So, this neuro reprogramming and testing is required. The proof of your suggestibility and obedience to My control of your neural switches are in the results that can be measured.

I have given you two primary suggestions to follow. I want tell you now...your hypnotized mind always obeys Me.

Soon it will all make sense...It will all connect. So, My contracted slaves, re-read “Shelle’s New Shoes” slave story and next week I will have this very sexy story for everyone...and it will include a sexy picture pack.


I have added a new slave story to FSF that has a lot of meaning for Me from a loving slave. It’s very personal and touching.

NOTE: I have had so much trouble getting over this cold and cough, and thought I was finally getting better, but I got even sicker. Barely managing now. So, I have had to postpone posting a new Picture pack of sexy surprises, including My shoes, legs and toes till next week.
Thank you, My sweet, for your concerns...Don’t worry, can’t keep your Domina down for long. I don’t have time for sick nonsense. The meds are making Me rest, but working their magic. I already feel a bit better tonight.


RE-FORM SCHOOL CLASS #7 CONTROL will be an in depth look at this subject of Control and your relationship to My Control and Domination. See you in the front row.

In addition, I will have something special for My sissy slave a Butt Plug trigger. Always a welcomed insertion. ~giggles~

Check My special deals ...

Double Jeopardy

How do you like the New Year so far, My pet? In the cold of winter I’ve made you so HOT for your Domina. And that intensity continues this week with Double Jeopardy...a Trance In a Trance. As W/we have done so many times before, I bring you down deep into an erotic trance where you become so suggestible and open to everything I say. Then, once there, something new. A new sensation of being doubly entranced, your will and identity lost completely in Me and My control. your arousal heightened.

I bring you deeper and guide you so pleasurably and slowly to the very height of physical pleasure. An intense need to serve and obey grows stronger and harder. So at the very moment you are compelled to climax, I stop suggesting and guiding you because you will know what you need to do to please Me. Consider this a TEST of Class lessons learned, of self discovery, of cravings and addiction for Me, of what you need to do for your Domina, who has done all this just for you, My puppy. I am eager to see how you choose to Please and Serve Me and be My true and real submissive.


I appreciate how you have helped Me with some of the expenses for O/our new website. And now I am returning the CHALLENGE to My future security where you can be most helpful with My financial priorities. Everything you contribute I am dedicating to My retirement fund. I have 3 months to make My 2018 contribution of $5500.


Volunteer Participants look for My release instructions for the 15th of this month. Anyone else may contact Me and “Beg” for My permission and instructions with a Stroke Tribute.

How do you like the new Website? Are you spending more time with Me? Finding everything you need? If you have any questions or suggestions write to Me.


I am posting two new slave stories on SFS. One is from a slave who just loves to take care of his Domina with TRIBUTES. Shall W/we make an arrangement? ~giggles~ And the other story is about the power of My shoes, feet and toes. A new Domina addiction for you, My foot slave.


A full dose of Behavior Control with LAB RAT 2. Ready for My experimentations on you?
Also, I am currently writing your class lesson for Re-form School #7 on CONTROL for later this month. This is going to be a very instructive and sexy session.

My special deals ...

My Pictures

connect with me

Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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