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Forever slave

It's TIME to play, I mean time for Me to PLAY with your mind...GIGGLES!!! I am training you that being deeply hypnotized by Me makes you compliant and obedient. you know this brings the pleasure only I can give you and that arousal compels you to serve Me.

I just love this session Forever slave. It will give you goose bumps and an erotic thrill that's difficult to describe. The permanence in that phrase is very powerful for a submissive and particularly those that are a more mature point in their submission. The fractionation is PERFECT...stroking/touching/Falling. Intrigued???

Trust Me, this hypnosis session will BLOW more than your MIND. Listen now...this is a COMPULSION! you know what that means. Compulsion means, act now. No thoughts, NO questions. Just follow your Domina, no matter where she decides to take you. SEXY to LOSE all control!

Brainwashing, Mind Control, ERUPTION, fractionation...Mind BLOWING Binaurals.


Shiko Shiko Manzuri

Oh, SPECIAL TREAT, GURLS...sissy session VERSION, Shiko Shiko Manzuri...Put your sexy pink panties on for this one. I love a wet.....well you get it. This session is PERFECT for My GURLS. BE WARNED you will get wet.


What a weekend. So shorthanded at the hospital, I had to work 4 straight days. Then, My car gets wrecked parked in the lot at the hospital for about $4,000 in damages! And they haven’t finished on the house, yet. WOW!!!! SOON RIGHT!

So, I was late finishing up last week’s plans for you, here. I’m working too hard. I have to rethink My Management Services and get you doing more of the work for Me. Good idea. A worker slave. I always give you what you need. I'm too good to you...Giggles!!!!

So, finally, your SissyGasm Offering is now available. Is your Princess owed any offerings for this past weekend? ~giggles~ Be honest now.

you may have noticed I’ve been showing off all those sexy clothes on My sexy body on Twitter. Thank you so much for making your Domina look so good. Loves and Kisses......Maybe next week I’ll let you Dress Me to model some new clothes for you. Stay tuned. OH, if I have NOT said THANK you, some things come without names. Thank you for always showing Me LOVE and DEVOTION.

Contracted, today is O/our special day, the 1st of the month. We’ll both enjoy it together…..

I love poems/stories dedicated to Me. Check the NEW poem on SFS ...


Next week, nice and close, intimate and arousing…...I mean soooo close.

Check My special deals:

Misdirected --
Misdirected---EXTREME CONFUSION...PERFECT for you. A compulsion!

My slave's Life --
Addicted and Obsessed for your Domina, Mistress, Princess and Owner. I am your everything...

A Sub-Conscious Takeover

This week I have another SEXY MYSTERIOUS session, My pet... you will follow My hypnotic seductions in A Sub-Conscious Takeover.  It will be the ride of a lifetime.  With the simple flick of a finger you are captured, entranced, seduced and controlled.  It’s so easy for Me to make you desperate for My cock control.  Because you are open, suggestible and submissive.  you will follow wherever I lead you.  Experience tells you that your Domina is your only happiness, bringing ecstasy and bliss....feel Her control.  It’s GROWING POWERFUL now.

It’s so easy for you to surrender yourself completely.  you need Me in control and crave My intoxicating takeover of your mind.  There is no one that makes you hard the way I do.  you serve and please Me because your connection to Me is so intimate and personal.  Everything has more intensity and meaning when you do it with Me and for Me.  And right at that very moment when all those images of the Object of all your desires flash through your mind, you experience the pleasure of being so physically close and always being Mine.  I am your addiction and your fix.

After you listen, try being seduced by the scent of My P*ssy Scented PANTIES.


Just in time to announce something new for My sissy slave.  SISSYGASM OFFERING.  Take a look and participate.  No more Stroke tributes for you, My baby.

In recent weeks I have been preparing you for the “UPGRADE” (much like the brain chip ~giggles~) in O/our Dom-slave relationship.  I am making progress with “Management Services” thanks to your feedback.  It will be cumming to you soon.
O/our next Re-Form School session in June will be a lesson you won’t want to miss.  If you have not received feedback for your homework, know that it was MOST helpful to your Professor.  Papers are stacked a mile high...where’s My damn apple...Giggles~~~

An important part of being useful and helpful to your Domina are these two Assignments.  you know Volunteer Assignment.  It puts you right where you want to be, available to do My bidding whenever I decide I want you.  But do you know with My Savings Assignment you can surprise Me with little gifts.  I give you the initiative to put your service into action.  This shows just how much you want to please Me.  Look for ways to save Money on things you buy and send your Domina the savings.  So simple to make Me happy with you.  If you are not already signed up, sign up.  Consider it part of your ongoing training to be perfect for Me.

I am posting a new SFS slave story.  It’s actually a poem to Me from a talented slave.


I know you love My story telling.  Lucky you.  Another very intimate story......

My special deals have changed ---

Mind Numbing SLEEP --
Perfect HYPNOTIC...sleepy file...Conditioning...BRAINWASHING...Triggers IMPLANTED deeper...all as you just sleep.

Buy My Panties --
Have a SPECIAL part of Me...Breathe in My scent and become MORE enslaved to ME!

Manipulated --
My BRAINWASHING will breakdown your mind until I have all control...make you My puppet.

Temptress of your Mind

This week, My pet, I will take you back, TWIST you in.... There can be so many places that your Hypno Temptress will TEMPT you into.  NO DETAILS!  JUST FOLLOW!!!  I am a WICKED TEMPTRESS...does it really matter where I am taking you.
In past years, your Domina was sometimes a lil too sweet and soft.  Admit it.  you really like My more manipulative, sneaky, controlling, demanding, wicked side when I use your weakness to get what I want from you.  With your growing obsession over Me, you have been CONDITIONED in the pleasures of obedience and submission.  I know your weakness and manipulate it with My mesmerizing ways.  you are already feeling IT right now in anticipation of listening to this session.  you love the danger of not knowing what I can do to you.  This is why you will listen...I should have charged $100 for this amount of Manipulation and BRAINWASHING.  GIGGLES!

" your subconscious mind is MINE.  SO FUCKING EROTIC to lose all control. "


Although not instructed or expected this time, Stroke Tribute is always appreciated as a sign of your gratitude.


I really find this a perfect arrangement with My Volunteer Assignment contributors.  In these interactions with your Domina you are living your life as My TRUE slave in ways that show you are putting Me, first.  I appreciate it and thank you. Here is My commitment to you.  “slave will benefit from the pleasure of serving, sacrificing and pleasing Mistress.  She will reward Her slave with daily pleasures and arousal, with expressions of approval.”  Like I said, the perfect arrangement. ~giggles~

Plans for MANAGEMENT SERVICES are moving along.  After reviewing your School responses I am coming to some conclusions about the best way to bring you deeper into MY world with more active and direct control.  I am putting the program in place.  I am so looking forward to bringing ALL of you under My Absolute Authority.......those “two” lives into one.  SissyGASM OFFERINGS coming too…


you will find yourself in the middle of...well, WAIT and see.  Take a deep breath, My victim, there is the scent of arousal in the air.

The work on the house is supposed to be watch OUT...NO holes bared CUMMING SOON!

Check My SPECIALS ...

Sexual Transference --
Erotic attraction...extreme dependence.  Trapped in My will.

The Unethical Therapist - Wicked Therapist --
your Therapist has returned...even more DEVIOUS and MANIPULATIVE...

Reality --
Dazed and you have never EXPERIENCED before.

Tricked Into Trance --
"Tricked Into Trance"

Absolute Authority

“ABSOLUTE” perfect, pure and complete without restriction or limit, with no implication of possible change.  “AUTHORITY” the power or right to give orders or make decisions and exercise control over others.  In this week’s session, Absolute Authority, you will experience the meaning of those words.  My pet, W/we are the perfect fit.  Dominant and submissive.  you are not forced to submit and obey.  you willingly surrender to My Absolute Authority over you.  you crave it, because you know it’s the TRUTH, it feels so right.  Plus, I will have you so deeply HYPNOTIZED and under My control, it won’t matter.

I am the erotic and emotional focal point of your life.  you recognize and succumb to the qualities in your Domina for exercising My Authority.  Dominant, seductive, controlling, demanding.  And you know the qualities in yourself that make you aroused, receptive and eager to obey.  Suggestible, submissive, weak, and powerless.  you will find your feelings growing more in love with Me, more submissive to your Domina’s expectations of you and more addicted to serving Me because I am your Authority and you are My slave.  Sounds arousing for both of U/us. ~giggles~


Challenge To PLEASE has become the way you can help your Domina meet the cost of My current financial priority, recently My Retirement fund.  As you know, there has been major renovations at My house.  A NIGHTMARE!  you’ve heard Me complain about the noise and living in a construction zone. ~giggles~  Now it’s in the plan, that My daddy will be moving back to the Farm near Memphis...I can’t wait to get back there Myself, I’ll keep you updated.  I have HUGE expenses that are part of My responsibility.  This is what My Challenge to PLEASE is all about...your contributions will really make a difference and of course this makes Me happy and it feels so good to have you doing My bidding.  you make Me feel like a princess.  I’m so good to you, I allow you to be involved in a very important part of My life.  Thank you for your LOVE and SUPPORT!

Sissygasm--HypnoClitty was delayed being posted.  Look for it in New Releases in case you missed it.


And here is how I will become an even bigger part of your life.  I’m still evaluating the best options to make “Shelle’s Services” as beneficial to both of U/us as possible.  I am collecting ideas from your School Assignments.  So, more about that soon.

Sunday is MOTHER’S DAY.  Show your Mother and all the SPECIAL MOTHERS in your life your love and appreciation.  We will be remembering Our Mother.  We are having a special brunch in her memory.  She was amazing...I had the most amazing dream of her last night.  She was in a LONG flowing gown, it was a soft rose color.  We were holding each other and I was telling her that she looked BEAUTIFUL.  Don’t miss out on these moments if you are fortunate enough to have your mother.


you thought you had everything set and knew your priorities, but a wicked Thief took it all away and gives you what you really desire.

My special deals this week:

She will mentally and emotionally destroy your will, then She will devour your mind and heart ...

Blind Dominance --
your subliminal mind will be overdosed with brainwashing.  I will toy with your lust and leave you feeding off of My control....

Hypnotic Seductress--Succubus --
If you had to make a choice between Sweet and Wicked, what would you choose?????


I was so ready to bring you a powerful session on submission, obedience and Domination explaining why it works so well for U/us.  This will be for next week.  The session is not ready because of issues with the computer that brings you the final product of My original recording.  So My misfortune is your good fortune.  Let’s call this a SPRING KICK OFF Sale.

This week I’m placing SERIES sessions with the Brainwashed Series #1 and #2, Shelle's School for men (My first school), Journey to Enslavement and The Sleeping Forest ALL in the Special Deals.  This is a good time to catch up with what you have been missing.  Look at the descriptions and reviews and pick up a few priority sessions.

I was looking back the other day at the journey W/we have taken together to get U/us right here, today.  The Sleeping Forest Series from 2012 to 2016 was some of My best work...Get lost in a world of...well, just wait and see.



NEW SissyGASM session --- just RELEASED ...

A reminder, you will find in New Releases - Enter the Queen of Domination by slave-drone yoko.  This is a story everyone should read.  Newcomers to My site should explore your interests further HERE.

I have been reviewing your 7 day assignment from Hypno-Dungeon and learning more sexy things about you......and Me. ~giggles~  I am also reviewing your ReForm School #9 Assignment on “Management”.  I can see how they can fit together.  More on Shelle’s Management Services, soon.


Well worth the wait.  What explains it all?  It’s because I am your Authority and you are My slave.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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