Altered State Of Mind

Time to take MY Power and Control to a NEW level...with My new Mind Therapy...
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Length: 49 minutes

I will IMPLANT a TRIGGER...a post HYPNOTIC TRIGGER.  You will listen and accept My trigger.  It will NEVER be removed.  NOT EVEN the MOST experienced HYPNOTIST will be able to remove MY trigger.

Then I will use a technique which I rarely use......that involves thought replacement therapy..... thought manipulation on a different level.  Listen to the teaser ...

.... and decide if you are ready...this file is NOT for beginners.

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Thursday, 28 December 2017
There are certain files that just become favorites of mine, but I can't always say why. This is one of those files. It's impactful. It leaves me yearning for more of Domina Shelle. It also leaves me constantly on the edge. The desire to fall quickly & eagerly into trance is overwhelming and surprisingly easy...getting easier & easier. You will love the conditioning...the loss of control...and as the previous post crave to be at your Domina's beck and call.
Tuesday, 28 November 2017
An extreme file that will leave You at Domina's beck and call for the rest of your days. this is a very powerful session that i just adore. Domina somehow manages to squeeze even more control into my weak and willing mind and i just love Her so much more for it.
Saturday, 11 February 2017
This file is marked 'extreme' for a reason. It is the most powerful file I have yet heard from my Domina. She commanded me to review this file and I obey.
The induction is one of the longest and deepest yet. Pure bliss. This file is difficult to review as there is so much going on, many layers of control and addiction. Some elements of amnesia, although She says up front you will remember everything. She will install a trigger that's very common in everyday life, but you won't realize just how common until it has slipped in and done it's work... That is, to make you Hers. This file is intimidating at first, then smoothly sensual and more intensely enjoyable with each listen.
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