Tinkle Two

Tinkle Tinkle little pet...
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Level: Strong
Length: 33 minutes
Category: Hard Fetish

Tinkle Tinkle little pet, you can not help that you are wet. Giggles.  My second "Tinkle" file.

This file is NOT for everyone....Only those who want to EXPERIENCE letting go in a SPECIAL way.

Towels NOT included.

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Saturday, 21 November 2015
Truly fantastic! If this doesn't seem like your kink, let Shelle give you a wet introduction. There is something amazingly hot about pissing in your pants that you can't understand until you try it. In this file, you'll go down in a nice induction and wake up soaking wet in a puddle of your own wet warm humiliation. Its liquid bliss! Shelle suggested that her next trance would bring this fetish in to the public humiliation realm. I really hope that she makes good on this promise. You'll likely need to search to find it, but Tinkle ( Thanks Shelle Rivers!
Thursday, 12 November 2015
Be prepared! Not only did i lose control, as if there was a doubt, but Domina then told me to sit in my weakness. i did and i actually enjoyed it. The release of letting go and obeying is as good as, if not better than, cumming for Domina Shelle!
Thursday, 12 November 2015
At first it seemed to disgusting to me to even try tinkle part one, but i loved the lost of control. This second part is not as forcing as part one as here are not that many dripping sounds that can really urge to empty a full bladder... giggles... But this time Domina really weakened my body. Sure there was the supporting dripping sounds but my bladder emptied all by itself. Even if i had wanted to stop it i wouldn't be able to do so. Even when i awoke in my wet towels i started again as i wasn't all empty. Speaking of towels, yes it's really important to prepare well for this file as anything else will lead to a big mess. But i definitively love to lose all of my control to my beloved Domina Shelle. And it's remarkably enjoyable when my full bladder emptied all by itself and the released golden nectar warmed my body.
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