The HARD Game

Are you up for a challenge? COME ON, play with ME...I’m feeling naughty.
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Level: Moderate
Length: 42 minutes
Category: Mind Control-Games
Sample: LINK

If you liked “Want To Play A Game” you will LOVE this file...I must say, it is a bit more WICKED though.  Sometimes your Princess is just too serious, then I decide to play a game with you.  It’s just a little MIND game, don’t be afraid..... although, you do know that I am very good at this...Are you up for a challenge? ...COME ON, play with ME...I’m feeling naughty.  Are you feeling lucky today? ***GIGGLES***

This file also includes very SOFT Financial Domme play...fantasy only.

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Thursday, 03 November 2016
Well i guess i listened way to late to this, cause by now when i hear her voice it always will happen, that means i had no chance to win from the very beginning, though i do like to be weak for my Princess and absolutly don´t mind to lose to her over and over lol

The Financial Domme Part thought...this was a real turn off for me, but i am sure some will love this Part and it wasn´t the main point of the File as well, it just was a Story, so it doesn´t matters to much if you like this Part or not, even if you hate this Financial Story, yous till can enjoy the challenge itself :P

The Reason why i can´t give 5 Stars is pretty simple, the First one Want to play a Game was better in my opinion, as i said i don´t mind to lose to her, but i do like it to be a challenge and well this one wasn´t a challenge, first of i am to conditioned be her already and second and that´s probably more important she isn´t playing a fair game in my opinion, she challenges you and says to NOT use anything sexy only her voice, just to then talk about how she will not make you imagen her Pussy etc...What of course makes you imagen exactly that, you she does cheats a little and with this it makes the Point of this beeing a Challenge kinda pointless, cause it´s not a Challenge if she clearly doesn´t wants to give you a change at all...

Anyway this is an very old File, so you should not except the same from it as from the newer Files, but if you don´t take this whole Point of this beeing a Challenge to serious you still can have some fun with this ^-^

Princess is strong, i am weak...though she did cheat a bit :P
Friday, 08 July 2016
Princess Shelle is turning my world upside down again. This is a fantasy story embedded in a game within my trance – or was it the other way around? And hard is strong! Right? No - Hard is weak? Fantasy or not – i feel so hypnotized right now and whatever Princess says – i just love it – Her voice is a gain and I feel like a winner. There is nothing else to say except: „Please Princess – May i please carry the boxes. You can do with my mind whatever You want just allow me to carry Your boxes!” I have lost, Princess is strong and i am weak.
Saturday, 02 July 2016
I had lost the game before it even started. Priness´s voice is impossible for me to fight. But loosing is so good, so right if it is Princess i am loosing to. So, i have lost. Princess is strong, i am weak.
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