I skillfully send you into a forgetful submissive sleep, completely blank and empty, imbued with the power of My voice, knowing that I will be with you (and in you) ALWAYS, and you will be BOUND to Me even more securely...
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Length: 27+ minutes
Category: Brainwash-Mind Control

My loyal, obedient and most SUGGESTIBLE subject, you know I have only your best interests at heart (giggles), this is the perfect opportunity for Me to do some mental realignment in your subconscious mind, to synergize your aspirations.

But, My pet, don't be alarmed if you find it HARD to remember the details of this session.  your Domina's subliminal programming is focused on soothing and conditioning your subconscious mind, by bypassing your conscious resistance and your waking memories.  In fact, the more you forget content of this session the more you can be assured that My subliminized therapy is helping you to SURRENDER ever more deeply to My authority and control of all that is you.

So entrust your mind to My safekeeping as I skillfully send you into a forgetful submissive sleep, completely blank and empty, imbued with the power of My voice and spirit, knowing that I will be with you (and in you) ALWAYS, and you will be BOUND to Me even more securely and lovingly. (giggles)  Who knows where you might end up with all of this SUBLIMINAL PROGRAMMING...Oh, yeah...I know.

Subliminal Programming, Binaural, Mind CONTROL, Brainwashing...Amnesia EXPECTED!

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Sunday, 07 January 2018
I don't know what Domina is doing to me with this file, and I don't care. It feels good just to listen to Her sweet voice and let go.
Sunday, 07 January 2018
i only recall what happenedin the beginning where i was put in hypnosis and woken up several times. Which is very eff3ective by the way. But i'm not sure what happened after that.
Thursday, 04 January 2018
I am completely unable to remember this session, therefore I can't offer any sort of review regarding the details. I do know that I was commanded to forget, and that I awoke feeling simply amazing. I feel like I should be listening again right now.
Sunday, 31 December 2017
i have no idea exactly what Domina is doing to me in this session, but i'm more than happy that whatever She is doing for me should continue. So i will be listening again and again so i can give all control to my Domina.
Saturday, 30 December 2017
As described above by Domina this is not an easy session to review given the difficulty to recall the specific details. What I do remember is the feeling of surrendering to Domina's voice and the calmness and serenity in my mind as I fell under her hypnotic spell. There are two periods in the session where Domina's voice is a mere whisper, barely audible, but during both periods I also felt Domina close to me as I floated ever deeper into a blissful trance. That feeling prevailed to the end of the session and although I cannot recall specific details when I awoke, the submissive feeling of being enslaved and owned by Domina was unmistakable. This feeling lasted for a while and I now have a strong compulsion to listen to the file again just to experience those feeling again. Domina has again compiled yet another masterpiece of progressive conditioning and its a session that will be in my daily playlist for the next few weeks. Brava Domina, You are truly the Mistress of Minds!
Saturday, 30 December 2017
Joy and happiness is what i feel right now. Thinking only how to please my beloved Domina Shelle, my Owner. After each listening i did touch and caress my collar which flooded me with waves of happiness. i am not sure what She did during the session, i trust Her completely and embrace whatever She did to enhance my subconscious mind. Still not remembering i must ensure the changes are correctly so i have to listen again and again.
Saturday, 30 December 2017
I felt so rested, and at peace after listing. All I remember is i'm not supposed to remember, but I do remember a dream ? I was walking down a street of an old empty town on a snowy blizzardy morning, I could hear a soft sweet voice in the distance, that sounded like the songs of birds as I turn between buildings and was walking into a park, but it was so dark and the snow was blowing so strong I could hardly see. All the while the soft sweet voice was so far away. but that's it. it was more like a vision than a dream.....

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