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Many of you may be visiting My shop today wondering if bimbo sissy hypno really works?  Perhaps you have already heard of the benefits of using erotic sissy hypnosis to get in touch with your sissy side.  you want to know what it's like to experience being feminine.  Those sissy hypno yahoo groups and the reddit bimbo sissy hypno searches didn't fulfill the need enough.  you've downloaded free sissy hypno files, and they just haven't worked.  Or maybe you have very little experience with bimbo sissy hypno at all?  Perhaps you just like sissy images and wonder if hypnosis can make you an ever better sissy.

If that is the case, I am glad you have finally found Me.  My name is Domina Shelle.  Welcome to your new home, sissy boy.

Bimbo sissy hypno is one of My favorite genres of erotic hypnosis.  The idea of turning you into a mindless, brainless bimbo who is unable to think or speak is a turn on for Me.  To have you unable to do anything but what I program into your bimbo sissy brain makes Me very aroused.  Exciting isn't it?  How about you get out of those silly man clothes and get into that slutty outfit for me?  Can you see yourself wearing those brand new fuck me pumps and hot pink bimbo lipstick?  Oh yes, you will, soon.  How will it feel to give up on your false masculinity and embrace My bimbo brainwashing?  My bimbo sissy...forever and forever mine.  Oh, I do love to have My house full of bimbo sissy maids like you.  All hypnotized to serve Me.  A house full of bimbo sissies all here to pamper Me.  Just like you will be.

I will say this, I do have some respect for you My sissy girl.  I have seen many people spend their entire lives fighting their sissy nature.  They live life very conflicted, very confused.  Some people are unable to get in touch with their inner sissy.  But not you.  you are smarter than that.  Life is about embracing one's inner desire.  We were all born as females.  Some souls happen to gain a male shell along the way and now realize this shell for what it is.  Perhaps you have had some fun with your own male shell, but now it is time to connect with who you were originally.  A woman.  As a sissy, you know the truth.  you know who you are inside.  you need to wear frilly panties, because it is who you are.  you need to feel your clitty through your fingers.  you like seeing yourself wearing soft pink lingerie.  The feel of the soft fabric against your man tool makes your clitty vibrate, doesn't it?  Just as it should, My good sissy girl.

Soon I will describe to you a few of My bimbo sissy hypno files you will use for training.  I want you to use your hypno files every day, My sissy.  With My hypnosis, you will be able to fulfill all of your bimbo needs.  Which... let's face it... are pretty few.  As My sissy bimbo, your only real need should be what I put into that bimbo brain of yours.  Thinking is much too difficult for you, and that's why you found Me.  I will be your guide from now on into your sissy hypno journey.  I will turn you into the sexiest bimbo, and there is little you can do to stop this process.  It's started already, My sissy.  Now come and get your new training files.  Fill your mind with My will, with My sissy hypno mind candy.

Please read this before deciding what to buy

There are so many variations of the “femme theme” that it is impossible to cover more than a small percentage of what the mind (and my imagination) can conceive.

The femme theme will become one of My largest and most powerful, with new files released almost every month.

The first series is “Sissy Curious” for “latent” sissies—those who have either not released their inner “girl”, or have thought but not acted on their desires (or maybe just tried on a pantie or two).

The second series is “Rebecca” where you will start to feel your transformation, and how it feels to live closer to being a real woman.

The third series is “forced femme”—somewhere between fantasy and fetish.  These files are strong, sexy and with VERY creative scenes.

Along the way there will be lots of “assignments” to keep you swaying those hips---giggle.

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Rebecca Part 3--Assignment 1

The first of 3 assignments to gently start to bring out My ...

Base price: $10.00
Sales price: $10.00
Total: $10.00

Rebecca Part 2 - Feel your Future

This is the second in a series of files that will smoothly ...

Base price: $31.00
Sales price: $31.00
Total: $31.00

Rebecca Part 1-Feel your Future

Feminization has never Been so SEXY so EROTIC...

Base price: $31.00
Sales price: $31.00
Total: $31.00
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