Shelle's School 801 - A Lesson In Chastity

The Eighth in the series of Shelle's Classroom files---Lesson: CHASTITY.
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Lesson: CHASTITY - Taught By Professor Shelle
Category: Shelle's School For men-Chastity
Level: Hard--yes, you will be VERY hard
Length: 49+ minutes
Sample: LINK

Open enrollment for this class---this means even if you are new to MY teaching you must CUM to class.

It's BACK TO SCHOOL---classes being taught by: Professor Shelle Rivers.

Come on in, take a seat and prepare for a very SEXUAL lesson in Chastity.

This class will give you a complete understanding of the state of chastity and explain its importance in a man's life.  Yes I will change your mind about chastity...I'll have you begging to be horny and aroused all of the time.

Now don't be alarmed if you become aroused...your Teacher may even have you stroking as She speaks.

Yes the term "Hot For TEACHER" will take on a whole different meaning.  This Teacher will blow more than your mind.

NOTE--Don’t underestimate the lengths you will go to for Me when you are HORNY. ***Giggles***

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Wednesday, 25 October 2017
Just as if Domina Shelle was reading my thoughts (or did She create them in the first place?), She described exactly how i feel about being kept chaste and how beneficial this is for my obedience. This makes this session extra effective, it's one of my favorite chastity recordings...
Tuesday, 04 July 2017
Chastity is explained in a very sexy way. Mistress Shelle does a great job of explaining the importance for chastity. I would think this file is extremely important before diving into chastity.
Saturday, 19 December 2015
Yep i guess i need to look over every File i have and see what i have reviewed, don´t know how this happened but it looks like i haven´t reviewed a few Files...Oh and well i don´t know why i am writing here what i am thinking...Anyway this File is honestly one where i can´t even remember why i have them, but i think it´s one Princess gave to the earlier times where i started to fall for her and i am quiet happy that i have this File and i do love to relisten to this every here and there again, cause it´s just awesome to see how well she knows how Chastity works, how easily it is for her to take even more control over me this way and i just can´t deny this, every words she speaks is the truth, but not only this, in this File she also demonstrates how easily she can get you to say Yes for her to anything, just because...well you will find this out on your own, if you like the Idea of Chastity, to lose control to a lovely Person as my Princess, then there will be no way for you around this File, it´s a must for everyone who likes Chastity, even the ones who are curious about Chastity should listen to this, cause this File will quickly let you see if you are into it or not and as opposed to most of the other Chastity Files that may will addict you or make you beg her for Chastity this one is how do i see this more vanilla? If you listen to this and are into Chastity you can go and listen to other Chastity Files of her, while if you should not be into Chastity you simply can stop right here, it´s like she is giving you this choice her, that you might not get on some other Chastity Files hope this makes sense
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