MASTER Conditioning

Conditioning your Helpless mind to serve ME better.
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Level: Powerful
Length: 53 minutes
Category: Mind Conditioning-Brainwash
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Conditioning your Helpless mind...
"Utter bombardment on your brain".
This file is a MUST HAVE if you want to feel the full effects of my work, as it will soften your mind, remove all resistance and prepare you for your future.

Powerful 3D effects that allow me to penetrate the far corners of your mind.  Feel my voice instantly reach further and deeper inside you.

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Saturday, 26 November 2016
If you are new to Princess Shelle this file is an absolute must buy. I’ll go out on a limb and suggest you get this even before Dopamine and definitely before Master Triggers, which in my opinion is inferior to this file. For those who are experienced with Shelle, you will get extraordinary value from this file, since you can listen again and again for relentless taming of your resistance and will, ongoing softening of your mind and, exactly as described, an utter bombardment on your brain”.

Master Conditioning is unusual in the Shelle repertoire in having no induction. The conditioning simply begins as it continues throughout the rest of the file by appealing to your rational brain, and explaining in objective language the process of hypnosis and brainwashing, before slowly morphing into a more sensual assault on your mind and body. The combined effect of appealing both to emotion and intellect leaves the mind with absolutely no wriggle room and you can simply find yourself incapable of thinking beyond it.

Whoever scripted this file - and if it is truly Shelle Rivers then God help us - has clearly constructed the recording with a fair degree of intellectual depth, such that the explanation unfolds in layers, each one softly closing off another space through which your helpless mind might otherwise find sanctuary. Hypnosis, brainwashing, mindlessness and arousal combine to leave your entire being devoid of any motive or imagination even to try to resist.
Sunday, 11 September 2016
i really like being conditioned by this. it reminds me of the Obedience is Pleasure assignment i was given. And i want to listen to Hypnotized and Law of Hypnosis again.
Wednesday, 27 May 2015
My brain is floating on a cushion of air inside my head, is the sensation I am feeling after having listened to this file. To be more accurate, it feels like my brain is gently moving about, lightly scraping the inside walls of my skull, looking for an opening so it can escape and float away. But as I know to be true, it's a futile attempt to try and escape from Princess Shelle's control, nor do I want to escape that control, I am happy right where I am.rnI must have listened to this file 10 times already, without any noticeable effects on me to speak of. But on my 11th listen today, everything changed. The words spoken so many times before with no effect, suddenly became infused with meaning, and began to sink deeply into my mind to forever become imprinted and locked in the core of my being. It was an extremely powerful and erotic sensation. Also, as this file doesn’t have any formal induction to promote a trance state, I never experienced going into one from former sessions, until today about 10 minutes in. On the end of the file, I opened my eyes, and with a blankly stare I just gazed at my room from the comfort of my bed. My mind was completely and utterly blank, no thoughts to speak of at all, it was just me and the bottomless void. At some point I got up though, and found out I had been in a mindless blank stare for about 1 hour and 30 min, which was weird because to me it only felt like 5 minutes. Altogether I loved every minute of this experience, and I’m happy that I feel I have finally reached the point of no return. I have willingly stepped over the edge, while falling into the sweet abyss. The only way forward now is to obey and go deeper down, where Domina is waiting to embrace her new and conformed slave with open arms.
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