Chastity Lesson 2--Permission

Chastity Lesson 2 - Permission.
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Don't you LOVE it when I put on My sexy teaching VOICE ...More AUTHORITATIVE and DEMANDING!  So wicked when I am teaching you a lesson about your submission and COMPLETE chastity to ME!

Giving you even MORE PLEASURE and teaching you the TRUE meaning of permission.  HARDER and HORNIER with ME every day, with NO c**ming in sight ***GIGGLES***
This is the second of 5 lessons in your NEW Chastity TRAINING Lessons---- surprises along the way (Free GIFTS of teasing and NAUGHTY ASSIGNMENTS that could cause an EXPLOSION).
Be sure to start with Lesson 1 before beginning this Lesson.

Give Me all control of your c**K...and of course your mind.

If you fail, I will even allow you to start over, after paying your chastity penalty.  I'm so good to you!!!

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017
Chastity is amazing. It serves as a constant reminder of Domina's control, and conditions the subject to cooperate in his own enslavement. i've been training with this file recently, and each time that i listen it gets easier and easier to give Domina Shelle permission to control my orgasms...or is She giving me permission not to cum? It doesn't really matter...all that does is that i obey.
Sunday, 28 June 2015
Princess delves deeply into the idea of permission, and what kinds of permission there are, and how pleasurable they can be. She certainly demonstrates all the kinds of pleasure you can have under her hypnotic control, and explains why being chaste for her is such a good idea. You will not disagree with her either:)
Tuesday, 06 January 2015
My memories of this lesson are fuzzy. All I can remember is hearing Mistress telling me something I couldn't quite grasp about permission, whispering answers to her, and then waking up to find myself right on the very edge. I can't wait to listen and obey again - or for the next lesson!
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