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Part 2 now released...slave PUPPY TRAINING 102

My puppy, you are doing so well with your PART 1 of puppy Obedience Training.  How much sexy fun, you, on all fours, Me, playing with that hard thing between your legs....and you are doing all the tricks and coming to My feet for your reward.

With this week's training file, your Mistress gives Her puppy the rewards of being My good boy.  See what I have in store for My little puppy slave. ~giggles~  I'll take you into a light trance, I want you to experience and remember everything in your conscious mind.  With Mindlessness and Sexual Psychosis I was deep into controlling your subconscious and having you reach Mind orgasms.  Now you submit to My arousing control over your physical body.  Mind and body.....obsession, addiction, submission.....all with the heightened pleasure of obedience.

If you don’t have PART 1, now is your chance to get the full experience in obedience.


This assignment is part of your obedience training.  Are you doing your Obedience/saving assignment, My pet?  Four weeks keeping track of anything can be difficult.  But that’s one reason I’ve given you this assignment.  It’s meant to reinforce connections between U/us that come easily when you listen to My files.  And I want you to carry them over to your everyday life.  Then I can see you are obedient and are thinking of Me throughout your day.. And when I see your email, I think of you serving Me as I want to be served.  I want you eager to please Me, with your puppy files and these assignments.  That strengthens O/our bonds, My control and your submission which intensifies all your sensations.  I’m loving what you are doing with this assignment, seeing your obedience and service to your Domina /Owner in action.  your Obedience IS Pleasure, My puppy.


Next week is dedicated to Halloween...I will be having ghostly tales to keep you on edge. (AND/OR) I will have a new SURPRISE file.  There will be plenty of Special Deals on Halloween, monster, ghostly, scary themes.

But more important than Halloween, is Lady Helena’s birthday on the 25th.  Let’s make this special...So, here is your opportunity to do something nice for My slave girl -- Lady H's Birthday.  I also give you permission to take a look at Lady H’s new RELEASES as I let Her take charge of you.....

My special deals have changed...

My NEW MP3 -- slave Puppy Training 101 --

brings you back to role playing as My obedient puppy dog as I take you deep into trance. your Questionnaire responses showed a strong preference for puppy play in files, roleplay, assignments and slave training, some interaction. I call you, "My pet", with good reason. Look at the similarities. A puppy is COMPLETELY obedient, loyal, devoted, loving and protective of his Mistress who takes good care of him. What Domina/ Princess doesn’t want those qualities in a slave that serves Her...making you Perfect for Me is what I expect from this training...Plus it’s so much sexy fun.

I will see how well you follow instructions. you will wait for Me to give you commands and your little treats for being a goodboy!! Have your collar and leash for this, your slave obedience training as My puppy dog. Let’s PLAY.


The lessons learned from your puppy obedience training will be tested on this week’s OBEDIENCE SAVING ASSIGNMENT. This Assignment has two parts and will last for 4 weeks. You will be graded. It puts your obedience to My instructions to the test. It may require major changes to your usual routines. Will you give it your best effort and reap the rewards of pleasing Me with your Perfect obedience?

I am going to help you find ways to save money on the regular things you ALREADY buy and give you the incentive you need to make this a permanent habit. Spend wisely on things that are important to you. Entertainment and vacations. Sharing life with family and friends. Saving for a car, your retirement. Know your priorities and adjust your spending habits, accordingly. Practice obedience to your Mistress, My puppy.


WOW! When I conceived My last two files, Mindlessness and Sexual Psychosis, I could feel how powerful they were going to be. Your reactions and reviews overwhelmingly confirm how much you want and need to surrender to My control. How arousing you find My voice and power over you.

you do love being hard, horny and completely turned on and staying on the edge of a c*ck Explosion. Because you are weak for Me and have no resistance, this allows Me to brainwash your mind so perfectly into what I want you to be....Being mindless makes you submissive, happy and content. When you are mindless it makes Me so happy and you yearn to make Me happy.

When you remain mindless it is easier for me to train you. Bring this mindset to this week’s puppy obedience training file and accompanying Assignment.


Thanks again for your Questionnaire responses. I plan to use many of your suggestions. This puppy training is one popular focus. Just a brief summary of other popular interests...

Files:  All BRAINWASHING files are most popular. Chastity files get a lot of support. Sissy files, for those with this orientation. Popular titles include, Behavior Modification, The Unethical Therapist series, The Experiment. There was a wide range of favorites.

Monitoring and supervision is popular as is SKYPE, something I am seriously considering with Lady Helena. Lady H is another favorite for Dungeon play, sex toys. you want Me to send you to Her for punishments and worship. My body is a real turn on for worship and you give suggestions for more Dominating poses in out next photo shoot. More pictures of Lady Helena and files with the both of Us.


Your training continues with PART 2 of your Puppy Obedience training with immediate rewards right there at My feet.

My Special Deals...

Tranceformation-My Baby --
Can you imagine what being My Baby could mean to you?

Purple Heart --

System Override --
I will override your conscious mind and reprogram your subconscious...

NEW file -- SEXUAL PSYCHOSIS -- your sexual enslavement.

There will be no let down in pursuit of My goal of stronger/tighter control over your mind and body. With this week’s file, Sexual Psychosis, I play/toy with the most sensitive erogenous zones of your mind and stimulate your imagination with vivid sexual imagery that will keep you fixated and obsessed with your Domina. Taking control of your imagination I infuse sexual arousal and pleasure through every fiber of your body. Don’t be afraid that I will f*ck with your mind and implant lasting triggers, I’m always doing this...After all, this is exactly what you want….you need Me in control, My puppy.


Last week’s file, VICTIM OF MINDLESSNESS, gives Me a very satisfying feeling. When I create My scripts and think about how I will present My message, I think of you....what you need, and how it will affect you. I know how you have fallen for Me, My voice, and My words and I know you surrender to My power and control over you. With Mindlessness, I achieved My goal of intimacy. you are thinking about Me after you take off your are carrying the arousing sensations from My sessions with you, throughout the day. Do you need your Domina? Are you loving Me and wanting to please Me more and more?....Are you experiencing the intensified pleasure in your deepening enslavement and servitude? PERFECT !!

So, I strongly urge you not miss one of My the most creative and powerful examples of what I can do to you and your mind. Just read the reviews, if you haven’t fallen victim to this Mindless experience. It is something I expect to build on as your slave training continues to take unexpected twists and turns.


Thank you for the questionnaires. I am taking all your preferences and suggestions to heart. You have given Me good feedback on what you like in Files, Assignments, Email slave training, The Dungeon, Lady Helena, pictures, fetishes. Plus what you would like to see more of. There is a wide variety of interests and priorities and I intend to have you begging for more. Not Everything will be for everybody, But I will provide something of special interest for all, so you will have what you need. Next week, I’ll give you some highlights.

I also want to say how gratified I was that you put so much of yourself in your responses. Again, I had a sense of intimacy with you. Trusting Me to reveal your inner self.
Expressing your devotion made Me feel really good.


Those interested in Wicked Therapist or Chastity Custom file, will hear more from Me with the details VERY soon now. I will be recording your file within a week. I’m excited about this....


This coming week I've decided to respond to a popular request you listed on the questionnaire. Let Me just say, bring your collar and leash to your training session. Be sure to fasten your identification ownership tag to your collar. you may want to practice walking on all fours. Mistress Shelle is looking forward to the first of two Obedience training lessons.
Don’t forget, October ends with plans for a spooky, spine tingling Halloween.

My special deals...

At My Feet --
Have you ever felt what it is like to literally be BELOW and BENEATH a Dominant Woman?

Obsessed and Addicted --
Obsessed and Addicted ... Everything She does feeds your obsession and every part of Her is addictive.

Sweet Deception --
My enchanting sweet and innocent voice will catch you a little off guard...

NEW Mp3...your COMPULSION -- Victim of Mindlessness.  When you prepare yourself to listen to this file, I want you to consider a real possibility... Aroused and intensely brainwashed, maybe this becomes the time you become permanently captivated in Erotic Hypnosis with no will to return to your reality.  you find the essence of your enslavement......The pleasure and obsession, turned into a Compulsion, to please Me and make Me happy with your perfect servitude.......... My perfect owned slave.

You MUST listen to this file, it is your COMPULSION!  The POWER of this session has surprised even Me.

With each file, I take you out of your everyday life and bring you deeper into My Erotic Hypnotic World, where you long to be.  you bring Me your submission, subservience and your obedience, My puppy and surrender everything to your Domina.  And each week I become more powerful with a tighter control over your weakened mind, will and body.


Thank you for returning last week’s Questionnaire assignment.  I will be reviewing and taking your advice.  I’ll give you a summary of results and some of My conclusions.  I'm excited about all the possibilities of increasing your desperation for Me.

Also, you will be receiving My email instructions as follow-up to My CD TRIGGER COMMAND.  Look for My email this week, giving you exactly what you deserve. ~giggles~  I commend you for what you have told Me.  As you know, this is part of your training and an important part of O/our relationship.  There is still time to get in on this exchange with your Domina.  And you’ll feel better and excited to hear back from Me.

If you sent an email about the CUSTOM file, I will be sending you details about it this week.


I am going to explain My recent interest in$ShelleRivers  It is a tremendous benefit for Me.  Everything you send goes directly to Me.  There is no cost to you.  your personal information remains completely anonymous.  Continue your purchases through My website with CCBill, but for certain other gifts and tributes, look into whether this is something you can do, and whether you feel comfortable sending your support directly to Me in this way.


October is going to start with some downright intense HYPNOTIC sexual encounters.  I plan on eruptions and HARD core mind addicting F*CKERY!  So hold on to that hard you know what.  W/we will explore how deep this Sensual Erotica can go.....

Oh just so you know, over the next weeks, I will be testing SUBLIMINAL messages and how effective they are.  These TEST subliminal messages will be hidden within My sessions.  So if you notice strange lil things happening to you, don't worry.  I'm in control.  More on this as I PROGRESS.  Oh, the things that I do to you. ~~~GIGGLES~~~  Can you say GUINEA PIG.

My special deals:

Fatal Attraction --

Wild Ride --
"Wild Ride" - A Hypnotic Rollercoaster.

Hypnotized --
This file is PERFECT if you are just COMING to ME...Or is the DEEPEST trance if you already belong to ME.


When I take you to Shelle’s Playground anything can happen.  you anticipate the meaning of the coded letters and then you obey My orders.  I like this week’s Playground TRIGGER, SURRENDER CD because it reinforces Obedience to your Domina.  I expect very revealing interactions.  As I mentioned last week, I will be taking stricter control over you.  So feel your leash shortened and tightened.  This is a session for ALL!!!

In case you missed it, I have been making available in New Releases, three of Lady Helena’s files:  Lady H - Submissive Credence, Pleasure Shock, and Drain.  Save your money, slave boy.  Give them a serious look and support My slave Girl who has been such a help to Me.  Plus Lady H has a foot fetish picture pack ready.  Be sure to check it out.


My shackled slave, I will leave My Dungeon gate open in case you missed all the action.  So in case you crave the sting of my crop and the thrill of its impossibly deep arousal, clothes are not required.


Thanks for your responses to My custom Wicked Therapist personalized therapy session.  If you have not already gotten My email response outlining all the details, you will be getting it soon, so be patient, My patient.~giggles~  I will start recording this Custom phase of your enslavement and servitude to Dr. Shelle, your Unethical Therapist, next week.  On that arousing note, there is still time to email Me with CUSTOM in the subject line and I will give you all the details before you decide, coming as soon as Debbie leaves... For SFS the same with Chastity Custom.

Having the site go down has helped Me focus on setting priorities going forward.  I want to spend My time and attention in productive ways, I intend to focus on you, My lil puppy.  Just so you understand that last week, when I said that I will be contracting out a few items, this has to do with website updates and security.  NOTHING else changes.  Someone asked if I would still be doing My own emails and script writing for My files.  The answer is ABSOLUTELY!!!!  That will never change.  This is My direct road to you.  So don’t worry, NOTHING changes for you and Me.  The only changes will make My sites better, faster and easier to navigate.  At some point in My future, there is a NEW LOOK for My site, it’s just delayed a bit!

Also, I have put together a Website Questionnaire Assignment HERE for you to help Me.  Give Me some feedback and answer questions on some needed changes and ideas.

Your Domina is having a great week.  I am visiting with My bff/cousin from my growing up days.  We have been kayaking, going to lunches and dinners (thank you for sending Us).


I am very excited about next week’s file, "Victim Of MindLessness".  Quite intense Brainwashing.  After you experience it, maybe W/we have a contest and you get to vote on My Hall of Fame Erotic Files, giggles.  I am taking you where I want to.  And you obey.  you are falling deeper and deeper in so many ways, aren’t you, My helpless puppy.

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