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This week, I want you to get lost with Me with Pleasure in Submission.  I will hypnotize your mind into My erotic web, all locked up.  I promise there is nothing wrong with wanting to give all of yourself to Me.  After all, look at all I give you, My puppy.  you will never leave Me.  And if I am pleased with you, My pet, I might just keep you. ~~~giggles~~~  you will feel the tremendous rush of your submissive nature....with a desire to give to your Domina, what She needs, what She deserves, what you want Me to have, the life of a Princess.  Feel the sexual pleasure of pleasing your Domina...This session has a deep seduction, oh I meant to say long pleasurable you will not miss out on this will listen, because I want you to.

With Pleasing Me I gave you an experience of exquisite arousal and pleasure, seduced by intimate time with your Domina.  So physical, sexy and real.  you need Me, you always come back to surrender yourself for something only I can give you, the overwhelming bliss and pleasure of My control when you listen to My files.  Now, you yearn for the reality of further enslavement to Me throughout your day. Yes...

Next week, prepare yourself for that reality.  W/we will begin your Masturbation and Orgasm Control training.  I want total control beyond your time in Trance.  your feelings of submission and obedience intensify when you seek out My control.  your desire to please Me brings all the pleasure and purpose you need for a happy life.  I want your commitment to Me not for just 45 minutes a day, but your whole day, aroused with thoughts of Me, living the sensations you feel when you go deep for Me.  It won’t be too difficult figuring out what I want you to do to please Me. ~giggles~


In addition to My Masturbation and Orgasm Control “Center” next week, there are several new exciting plans I have been working on.... focusing on having more intimate personal interactions.... Are you desperate for Me, My Control, eager to obey and please Me?  your journey is just beginning, My puppy.

I have several new Playground Trigger Commands especially for My collared obedient puppy.  Plus other SURRENDER Commands to test your obedience.

For My contracted slave site, slaveforshelle (SFS), I am putting together a new Survey Quiz to be available by end of the month.  Self-revealing....Choosing answers to questions such as:  my first thought of You each day is favorite daydream fantasy is......When you are stroking your most arousing thoughts are about.....?

As I mentioned last week, some new sessions will have NO Titles or Descriptions, only categories, so you won't know what I have in store for you, until you actually hear My voice and surrender.  you can trust that Domina knows what you need, what is best for you.  What I want you to do for Me.

Check My special deals....

Mind Control. Obsession. Compulsion.....has you fantasizing about Me more and more, long after O/our erotic session is over. I enjoy visualizing you, thinking of Me first thing in the morning before you open your eyes. I am the Object of your Obsession and Desire. Aroused by your submission and obedience, your hand between your legs, begging for My Mind and Cock Control, wanting to serve your Domina, forever. This is the very REAL life I have given you, My puppy. Next week I give you "Voice In your Head", your follow up to Compulsive Obsession--Breasts in your Head.

This week, just as Powerful, is a Sexy Sensual TRIGGER session. Follow your Domina as I whisper you into a deep trance, so relaxed, and discover the pleasure of giving. W/we give to each other. I make you happy and bring you to a place of pleasure, refuge and contentment, where you submit and I Control. Aroused in the pleasure of obedience, in the pleasure of Pleasing Me, in the pleasure of giving yourself to your Domina.

Listen carefully to My words. Understand their meaning. Take them to heart and you will please Me and make Me happy with you. I want everything you have to give, My good boy.
Find the pleasure of giving to your Princess.


As the new year starts, I am introducing something you have been asking for, Masturbation (JOI) Instructions. This will be part of My more direct C*ck/Orgasm control.
This is very much about Control, submission and obedience. My Control comes because you have to ask for My permission to stroke and edge, or stroke and cum. I want you desperate for Me, desperate for My Control, desperate to obey and please Me, so desperate for My permission that you will BEG Me for it. I allow you to stroke to edge, cum for Me or deny your orgasm. Tribute is what you give in return. Something expected, something desired, something that makes you hard and bring you pleasure.

I will be providing you more opportunities to get from your Domina, sometimes from Lady Helena, My specific and personal Masturbation instructions. So I have placed, Stroke Tributes, C*m Deposits Chastity Offerings and Penalty in one place. Look things over as I look forward to your intensified arousal through O/our mutual giving. It is the natural order for the Dominant Woman and the submissive man.

Coming SOON: Sessions with NO Titles or Descriptions (only categories), you won't know what I'm doing to you until you listen and W/we both know that is way too late.

My special deals ...

This week - My first Compulsive Obsession--Breasts in your Head is the second in a progressive series of New Year mind blowing sessions bringing you, brainwashed and obsessed, ever deeper into My erotic world of Domination and Control. As promised, I am giving you a Vivid MENTAL image of sexy Hypnotic TITS, hard nipples causing hard c*ck with dripping wetness. you will experience a new approach to My Hypnotic Power over your desires and obsessions, as I take Control over your helpless mind and MY aroused c*ck. I am taking you deeper into enslavement, training your mind and My c*ck to be completely obedient and crave more and more of My Control making you My compliant, obedient puppy.

To tease and test your obedience to My expectations with this Hypnotic session, I am making available On Special SHELLE’S TITTY provoking and addicting... An unbelievable Vivid VISUAL IMAGE to intensify your obsession.

I received a lot of positive reaction to last week’s MIND CONTROL-Mind Dominance session, asking and commenting about the techniques I used, which continue in this series. I am VERY interested to get your opinion and feedback on how you were affected. So, EITHER write a review of the these two sessions AND/OR Email Me with “Mind Control” in the subject line expressing your thoughts about what you found most effective. (Not that I would ever use that in the future to make you even more helpless and suggestible to all My instructions. ~giggles~)


I want to remind you to make your January appointment for a Follow Up LIVE TALK session with Lady Helena for your “release” from being ALL TIED UP.

Also, thank you for those who signed up for My Volunteer Assignment. But if you haven’t, I want you to take this wonderful opportunity I am giving you. I am providing you a twofold benefit. FIRST, you get to please Me and have Me thinking about you. SECOND, you get to see how I can use your money to make My life easier, more like the Princess you want Me to be. Doesn’t that sound exciting, waiting to hear from Me? So, don’t be bashful, you get to decide what you will do for Me. And that is definitely something W/we need more of around here!!!

For instance, New year’s resolutions. Buy me lunch on weekends I work at the hospital. And Tip Me Tuesday (TMT). So easy and natural to please Me. It’s what you do, My baby.


There will be an UNBELIEVABLE follow up session to this week’s Mind Control. The New Year series of Obsession will continue in a couple of weeks. I want the anticipation to build up and keep you on “edge”. You are always so much more pliable that way.

But next week, I am taking you deep into a Hypnotic journey of relaxation, escape and pleasure. So POWERFUL...if you loved Mind Dominance, you will be blown away with this one.

you'll love these special deals...

If I have not said THANK YOU for MY AMAZING Xmas, PLEASE contact Me.

Happy mind controlled New Year, My puppy.  Such plans I have for you this coming year, starting with this week’s MIND CONTROL - Mind Dominance session.  This is first of 4 MIND BLOWING sessions with NEW effects to f*ck with your brain and balls. ~giggles~  Mind Dominance is a COMPULSION.

We will begin the New Year with a BANG!!!!  Just wait until you see how I take control of your c*ck and do with it as I please.  I will give you such a Vivid MENTAL image which will create a new year Obsession, making MY c*ck completely obedient.  Coming Soon:  SHELLE’S TITTIE addicting... an unbelievable Vivid VISUAL IMAGE to make your obsession even more real.


HO HO HO. It was a wondrous CHRISTMAS with My family, when I got to celebrate it after working the weekend.  YIPPEE!  My heartfelt thanks for spoiling Me with all your gifts and tributes which really pleased Me and made Me feel appreciated.  I am very pleased.  W/we had another great year, together.  you are making great progress, happy every day thinking of My pleasuring your mind, and wanting to be more under My control.  Oh, Lady Helena sends Her regards and thanks for Christmas presents.  She tells Me to tell you it’ll take more than a few gifts to get Her to take it easy on you.  Remember to make your January appointment to Follow Up LIVE TALK with Her to get My special instructions to cum-plete your Bondage.

Now, time to CELEBRATE another year together in 2017 which will be a powerful display of my hypnotic queenship, getting deeper into My slave’s head to achieve full control.  I may even let you experience more of my wicked lil mean streak.... Haha...I have 17 sessions planned to make you mindless and helpless to My wicked Control.  I also plan on Annual COLLARING renewals, which have been so much fun, reinforcing My ownership.

Now, Friday the 30th, is Day 7 of My 12 Days of Christmas, so give Me your lunch money(link).  A good New Year resolution for every Friday I work and you rest.  NEW YEAR’S EVE at the “stroke” of MIDNIGHT in your time zone, around the world, wish your Princess an out loud HAPPY NEW YEAR and then EMAIL Me your new year’s resolutions.  Write them down, keep them in your pocket and make them happen.  Then, NEW YEAR’S DAY, I’m so good to you.  I’ll let you refer to Day 9 yourself.  Have fun thinking of Me.
Last year, My resolution for Myself was to find more leisure, easy time in My life.  That didn’t quite happen for Me with My Website needing more of My attention.  I’m not giving up, your Princess is resolved to make it happen this year.  I’m raising expectations this year.  A MESSAGE for My casual or maybe shy visitor who enjoys My website.  I want you to please Me with more involvement and support.

Volunteer Assignment

This week I am making available, again, My Volunteer Assignment.  When My website went down, I lost some of My volunteers.  If you have already volunteered and notified Me, please re-register, so I am sure that I have you in My blackbook of service.  If you missed this last time, you MUST take this opportunity to be available to SERVE Me, even in the smallest ways.

This is a perfect follow up to your Mantra Loop.  Experience and live your Mantra.  your thoughts are My thoughts.  Make Me happy.  Follow your Domina's command without question.  you WANT to do this for ME.  Keep things exciting for both of U/us and stay fresh in MY mind for the attention you need.

W/we interact over the tasks YOU choose in order to Serve Me.  I want to encourage you, especially if you have not experienced this in the past and not been very close to Me.  It's going to be fun and you will be surprised how arousing this will be for you.  I’ll make sure of that.  Take this new direction in your training, My pet:  How to SERVE your Princess, make My life easier and less stressful.  I can guarantee it will bring deeper meaning to each of My sessions with you.


This was so much fun.   Many thanks for your participation.  If you have not received the results, email Me.  Add Stroke Contest to the subject of your email.

NEXT WEEK.....Sexy Hypnotic TITS.  Hard Nipples and dripping wetness.

Check My special deals ...

One of My Christmas gifts to you, My pet, is this week’s mesmerizing MANTRA LOOP (Mantra to BRAINWASHED) file.  This is a powerful completion to your total enslavement.  Remarkably simple.  you sink so deeper to a whole new level of blissful pleasure and loss of control.  Into the future, you will be forever devoted to serving and obeying your Princess Shelle.  The repetition of arousing thoughts will ease you into the life of submission and mindless obedience you crave.  This state of mind will be the best part of each day.  The place where you can be with Me, your true self, your favorite self, safe under the control of your Domina.

Indulge yourself deep into your Domina and I give you permission to stroke My c*ck whenever you are hard and horny for Me...and for My permission to stroke and orgasm control remember My STROKE TRIBUTE.  Beware, My puppy, this will have a lasting, addicting impact. your wish cums true.  Where will I take you from here?  you may find out next week as the new year begins with a Bang.


I want you to spend the happiest Christmas ever with Me and keep thinking of Me through the holidays with My daily instructions.  I have Shelle's 12 days of Christmas 2016, Christmas Eve is Day 1.  I’ll be thinking of you.  I know you can’t stop thinking about ME, so stay HORNY for Me, little pet.

I want you busy with family and friends over the holidays, the best time of year for an open generous heart.  I will be home for Christmas with My family with a well decorated Christmas tree, plenty of good food and lots of presents for the children.  Christmas brings back pleasant memories and warm feelings.  W/we miss so much those W/we have lost.  They remain in our hearts forever.  I hope you much HAPPINESS with your family and friends.

you know how I love to be spoiled with surprises at Christmas time.  I know I am an important part of your life and love how you take care of Me.  This year support for this website is My priority.  If you want to please Me and make Me happy, plus feel good about sending your Princess gifts, making Me happy.  If you are still undecided for gift ideas, consider what helps Me most:  Challenge To PLEASE.  I am thankful and appreciate your support and all your love and devotion.

Now a little present for you....DOMINA’S CHRISTMAS STORY 2016 is something else for Christmas.  Just Imagine.......It was Christmas Eve, and all through the house it was a so quiet, with only the rhythmic ticking of the clock.  you had just fallen asleep in front of the Christmas tree near the flickering fireplace after listening to your daily prescription of hypnotic instructions.  The clock chimed midnight, when you suddenly awoke to see a beautiful blonde Woman, clad in a lush red leather skirt, patented leather red knee high boots and fishnet stockings.  Her green leather corset showed her beautiful large breasts while her leather short mini skirt accented her succulent round ass.'s-Xmas-Story-2016

Doesn’t it want to make you want to get in touch with My slave Girl after the holidays or have Her touch you?​


First, enjoy this hot week with your Domina.  W/we have New Year celebrations.  I’ll give you some opportunities to get closer to Me for the new year and make some good new year resolutions.  I have 3 BALL BUSTING MIND BLOWING sessions, to end 2016 and to BEGIN a NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!

Check these special deals ~~~

Tranceformation--Used and ABUSED --
Prepare yourself for the complete loss of control as I TRANCE-FORM you into what I want, My used and ABUSED slave.

Spellbound-Unable to Resist --
Find yourself under My spell with No way out.  Too weak to resist.  you have lost all control to Me.

Love Potion --
A DEEP EROTIC Trance.  Listen and obey, you will be unable to resist.

Buy My Sexy Pantyhose --
feel My stockings against your face as you stroke...

Buy My Panties --
Have a SPECIAL part of Me...Breathe in My scent and become MORE enslaved to ME!

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