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August 5th, will be My birthday, one of My very favorite days of the year, and one of yours, I’m sure.  There can’t be anything better in the whole wide world than to see your Princess happy.  Yippeee!  I got this way about birthdays because of My Mother, who would have just had her own, just this past week.  It’s sad to have lost her so young, but the family celebrates her life and the impact she had on the rest of us.

She always made birthdays SPECIAL, especially for Me, since I'm the baby of the family.  Making Me feel like a real Princess and the name kind of stuck, didn’t it. ...and now I have you to make Me feel like that Princess.  I’ll provide some guidance Here about the ways to make Me happy and pleased with you, like sending Me to the beach, where I happen to be for the next 2 days!  I'm hanging out with H, who knows what W/we are cooking up. Giggles!!!

We have had a good year together.  I am feeling you falling deeper and deeper into a state of arousal and enslavement.  I will continue to train you to learn the satisfying pleasure of serving Me, pleasing Me with your submission and obedience.  Coming SOON...surprising opportunities to falling harder under My total control.

Today is the perfect opportunity to do something tangible and traditional for your Domina.  Give your amazing DOMINA a most wonderful birthday present, SPOIL ME.  Express your love and devotion for Me.  I’m very practical, if you need any guidance:

I love the beach in the heat of the summer.  you can send Me to the beach, or help with a number of expenses that I use My Challenge to Please contributions to pay.  Take a look.  you can Spoil Me, Love Me and Pamper Me.  you can serve Me with Maid Service and save Me from cleaning the house.  JUST CHOOSE...or SURPRISE ME.

Are you finding yourself becoming more eager to obey and please Me?  Are you aroused by surrendering control and needing to be owned by Me?  I know the answer love being My slave puppy and I love being your Domina.  If you are not already My contracted slave, I am giving you this perfect opportunity to see what you have been missing, with My private site, SFS, for contracted slaves.  Commit yourself and find a purpose living in complete submission and obedience to your Domina.  EXPERIENCE the pleasure of being My slave.  Order My CONTRACT, part of My Special Deals.  Contact Me to discuss all the details.


My new Panty Addiction brainwash file... especially addicting...and a guided masturbation, unless you are locked up!

Coming UP soon:

I bring you yet another therapy session with Dr. Shelle, the unethical therapist.  This session is for real.  Very deeply addicting.  Will you be drawn in to make your personal appointment to fall even deeper under My spell, on My therapy couch with an offer you won’t refuse.
Be aware that this session is MOST DEVIOUS.  Not for the weak. Giggles!!!  I’m not kidding!

Birthday treat--FREE LISTEN

NEW EROTIC enslavement mp3

This week I have released an especially erotic COMPULSION file, Erotic Control - Rest.  you are so lucky.  you will love My long hypnotic descent into trance.  It feeds your desire to express to ME your most intimate need for submission and obedience.  As W/we get so close, you are eager to follow whatever instructions I give you.  you are hypnotized, triggered into a longer, deeper trance leaving you obedient and suggestible, so in need of My control.  your Domina understands these longings, your cravings and needs to live in My world of complete erotic enslavement.

your mind, your will and body belong to Me.  you want to follow all My instructions as your training continues.  I bring your weakened mind and body more and more under My control...In this file I fuse together your mental bliss with physical pleasure.  you experience an exhilarating moment of Perfect submission and obedience to My total control.  you will understand the true meaning of being owned.  I own your c*ck.  I own your mind.  you are mine, will stroke until...............Well, you will have to listen, won’t you?

NEW Playground Trigger

Playground Trigger--MS ... testing your hard limits.  It is a different sense of Power and Control I can come to enjoy very much ~giggles~  See the file description.  I’ll let you try it just once, unless you find you can really get into this arousing fetish.  Then, contact Me and W/we can talk about serving your Domina.

I want to mention briefly new arrangements I am making to bring My files to you in a timely way, when I intend to have them available for you.  Recently, there have been delays, but I am resolving that.  I’ll bring you up to date at a later time.

Lady Helena Auction

So many thanks to everyone participating in this Auction to spend time with My Lady Helena.  We are both so pleased with your enthusiastic response.  you always pick Me up.  Of course, Lady Helena had a lot to do with are in for one steamy, memorable rendezvous, when She puts Her brand squarely onto you.  This is a big boost to My efforts to launch Lady Helena and “expose” Her to the legions of submissive men yearning to be enslaved.

I am now reviewing all the bids and will be announcing the winning bids.  I will be sending out to everyone, making a qualifying bid, a very hot orgasmic file session that I prepared for Lady Helena.  If you indicated you are in Chastity for Me, then, you will be sent a file of arousing provocation getting you to the very edge.

Happy Birthday to ME!

Next week, August 5th, I expect you to celebrate My 28th Birthday with Me.  you know how excited I get anticipating My birthday.  So many wonderful ways you can find to make Me happy.  I’ll be counting the days....Ask, if you need guidance, My baby.

Special Deals ...

Slave Contract - Slavery --
Give yourself to ME as we continue this Journey together, you as slave, Me as your Owner, your Mistress.

A Week With Shelle--Trigger Files --
Seven Trigger files plus Induction.

MASTER Conditioning --
Conditioning your Helpless mind to serve ME better.

Magical Lips --
I have something Magical, you will NOT be able to resist...this is a very sensual and MOST erotic experience for you...

Playground Commands

I have so much fun when you come play with me on My Playground. It’s stimulating to feel sexy and Powerful, setting all the rules, having you follow My Trigger Commands.

I look for fresh and creative ways to test your obedience, and devotion to serving Me. I want more feedback about the direction of some of these new Triggers, so I want your reviews...

you still have time to sign up for SHELLE’S PLAYGROUND as I continue another week with Trigger Commands. A reminder, those of you who want additional personal one to one TRIGGER training—Via EMAIL or TEXT, you can have it with a contribution to Challenge To PLEASE for My Farm expenses. Then, e-mail Me for details with “Playground toy” in the heading. I will then send you personalized, surprise messages and instructions advancing your training to please and serve your Domina, of course. Yes, the PLEASURE of Obedience and Service.

This week’s new TRIGGER SS---- Read the description well. It pushes some limits. AVAILABLE NOW!

Join Me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, for the primary source of your COMMANDS. Again, Personal instructions may go directly by EMAIL to My Playground toy.

I realized a mistake in My favor. I made a Freudian slip because I rooted for France but Portugal won. So all France bettors need to show Me My $50, if you haven't already. ~giggles~

LADY HELENA, OUR FEATURED ATTRACTION begins on Tuesday or Wednesday---watch your email:

JUST RELEASED --- I am giving you the opportunity to give Me the instructions.  I’m very excited to have a new Bidding Fee Auction.  you remember My worn pantie Auction.  I am offering to you My slave Girl, Lady Helena.  She is to be at your disposal.  Like last time you make one bid.  This time you are bidding on 1 hour, or 60 minutes, of time of Live talk with Lady Helena.

I will give Her instructions for your orgasm release or for chastity, giggles. OR, if you prefer, your choice of ANY other fantasy or deep fetish fulfillment you may desire….or My baby, you may leave it to Lady Helena to choose what to do with and to you, if you are brave. ~~~LAUGHING~~~In other words, with your Bid you email Me with whatever you want to happen OR you can discuss with Lady Helena, Herself, how you want to spend the time with Her. This is 60 minutes to have all your fantasies come true.
You make one bid as described in the instructions. For this Auction, the second highest bid will get 30 minutes with Lady Helena with the same options. This is your opportunity to serve Me through Lady Helena who will provide what you need. The bidding will be open for 6 days after which, I will announce the grand prize winning bid and the second highest bid winner(s).

EVERYONE making a qualifying bid of $35, wins a prize. An orgasm release file for My stroking boys and a special file for My Chastity slave which I will be, personally, sending to you.

It’s going to be a sexy week.

Surrender B

My special deals this week! --

Slave Contract - Slavery --
Give yourself to ME as we continue this Journey together, you as slave, Me as your Owner, your Mistress.

Mission Impossible--Witchy Woman --
Witchy Woman uses SEXY BOUNDARIES, TEASING, INTENSE AROUSAL, and a SPELL to take you.

Sexual Nirvana --
Take a walk alone with ME..deep into My forest of desire...

My Entrancing Eyes --
Become Entranced fall into MY HYPNOTIC eyes...

Shelle's Playground Series --
Thirteen Playground trigger files packaged at a special price.

From Bondage to Prison to SENSORY OVERLOAD you are ever deeper under My power, more aroused than ever. Surrender all control of your mind, will and body to Me. I want all of you My pet. you are making great progress. you are even more eager to have Me TAKE control. That’s what I want to see from you. Total Surrender... offer yourself to Me and I TAKE full ownership. you LOVE living in this state of bliss, obsessed with your Domina Shelle. Now follow Me. Practice what you have learned in your obedience training, this week.....

Welcome Back to Shelle’s Playground.

I will keep you under My spell and continue training you to follow ALL of My SURRENDER commands. W/we continue the summer as I bring you back to Shelle’s Playground, My little puppy. I will test your obedience as you SURRENDER to My Trigger Commands. You know I’m pleased when do whatever I tell you to do. you love to submit to My control. Feel your deeper commitment to submission and obedience. Stay hard for Me all week. Show Me immediate and total obedience to all My Trigger Commands. I will have Lady Helena assisting Me with harder Triggers intended to expand the limits of what you will do to please your Domina.

If you have been with Me awhile, you know the rules of how the game is played. you know My expectations for your immediate, mindless obedience. There is a REGISTRATION fee because I want to know who is showing devotion and expressing obedience to please your Domina (FREE Surrender-FF file included in REGISTRATION). This also helps Me monitor you and your training.  SIGN UP HERE.

If you are not so familiar I have My special Playground Deals so you can catch up and see how W/we play the game. Look at Shelle’s Playground file and Trigger descriptions. Read the reviews. This week I will have new TRIGGER FILES devised to test you, FF, MS, and SS. I will properly train you with each trigger.

The Playground is where I decide when you serve Me and what you are to do for Me, when I want. you will obey whenever you receive a tweet/facebook/email command from Me (see instructions below). It may come to you at any time of day or night. The excitement for you is knowing that you will surrender and give in to My control, being My play toy with NO desire to resist. you want to please your Princess. The excitement for Me is enjoying your obedience, testing your training and seeing you surrender to My power and control.

See how far you will go for your Domina. Be ready to play. you need to join Me on facebook, Twitter or Google+, this will be the main source of your COMMANDS. You are in for a lot of interaction and arousing obedience training. Test yourself. Commit to do Whatever I command you to do..

For those who want additional personal one on one TRIGGER training—Via EMAIL or TEXT with a contribution to Challenge to Please for My Farm expenses, Email Me for details on how to make this happen with “Playground toy” in the heading.

Be sure to check with Me about MY slave CONTRACT.

Check My special deals ...

In My NEW compulsory file -- Sensory Overload -- I will amp up My Power and AMPLIFY everything I do to you.  It’s not important that you know just where you are in your ongoing training.  It will all fall into place.  you will feel My stronger Control over mind and body.  I will teach you what real power is all about.  When you experience My power, as it amplifies 10 times stronger, the arousal and pleasure of submission and obedience will surge throughout your entire body leaving you so hard and erect, suggestible, wanting to obey and follow, satisfying your urge to please Me.

you will surrender and submit, fall deeper into My control, leaving you at My complete mercy and disposal, and in a state of bliss.  This will become part of your ongoing training.  Submitting to My increased control... Living your life serving your Domina...
Thriving in your deepening enslavement.....Becoming more perfect, for ME.... what W/we both want.  ASMR... prepare for an euphoric experience.  Tingles are EXPECTED.

A Deeper Devotion:

Serving Me improves your everyday life which is what I want for you, happy with purpose... If you are not currently committed to a more personal, contracted relationship of serving Me, this is your opportunity to contact Me about it.  At least ask for My Questionnaire if I don’t already have it.  Be closer to Me!


Thank you for your enthusiastic response to My call for your sweat and support on behalf of Domina’s Farm and offering Me your labor and sharing My expenses.  I know you enjoyed the HARD work of serving Me as My worker slave, much like those in the Zachary story.  you make a REAL impact on My life and the things important to Me..... I feel appreciated and I very much appreciate that you want to take care of Me.  It gives Me incentive and inspiration to be creative and put together something new, interesting, and arousing every week to keep you My submissive, obedient good boy, eager to serve and please his Domina.

I will be giving you another opportunity to support the Farm with a future second Farm Assignment.  you can also make a contribution to My Challenge to Please and designate the tribute to My ongoing Farm expenses.  Let Me know if you do, so I can send a little reward for your HARD work.  Serving your Domina is PLEASURE.

Speaking of which, I want to make another appeal to someone who sent Me a gift and has NOT heard back from Me.  I want to thank you, personally, and make sure you always experience the PLEASURE of serving Me.  So contact Me and let Me know what you sent...
and that goes for anyone else who wants to spoil Me ~giggles~ (I have several amazon gifts that had NO name attached).

NEXT WEEK:  Shelle’s Playground

As W/we get into the hot summer weather, I am going to turn the heat up and play with you.  W/we’ll have some sexy playtime together.  I will bring you back to Shelle’s Playground, My puppy.  Prepare to Obey My Commands with new harder SURRENDER Triggers to push your limits.  I have Special Deals to help you catch up and re-acquaint yourself with My Playground.  Be sure to sign will receive a free SURPRISE Playground command file.


Contracted slaves watch your email for your July training.  Plus if you are waiting on a package from Me, don’t worry you’ll get it soon.  As you already know I took a few days for a trip with Helena and My sister's family.

I would LOVE your feedback regarding the last few weeks of events.  What have you loved?  What do you want MORE of?  What did not work?  Email Me with "feedback" the in subject line.

Now on a more serious note.  There are so many things going on around U/us, stay close to Me.
Let O/our thoughts and prayers be with all those caught up in the turmoil.  May W/we never take each other for granted.

Now for My Holiday weekend:  This is a work weekend for your Domina.  I’ll see you on emails, facebook and tweets.  Have a wonderful weekend.  If in the U.S. be safe this 4th of July... I don’t want to see you in emergency. ~~~Giggles~~~

This week My special deals ...

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