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What a long weekend...Needed at the hospital for an emergency. W/we are all called on to serve our purpose. Me, as a nurse, helping those injured from a devastating tornado here in North Carolina. Now I’m back to serve My purpose as your Domina, training and molding you into what I want you to be and you can do for Me, which is what you want to be and want to do for Domina. your purpose is to obey and serve Me....working HARD to make Me happy with you. ~giggles~

I am having this week’s mp3 session, Behavioral Conditioning-Permanent Trigger #1 sneak up on you while you listen so I won’t tell you much about it, except I am leaving you with a post-hypnotic suggestion. you just love My Triggers, don’t you My puppy? So, let’s test it out. I have conditioned you to be open and malleable, submissive and obedient. I have become the focal point of all your desires and obsession. As your mesmerizing loop of addiction deepens, it is time to demonstrate My complete control over your mind and body....all leading to a stronger Management over more and more parts of your life. I am leading you into a most perfect state of obedience and servitude where you will do anything to please your Domina Shelle.


I am so pleased with you for taking on this TIME assignment. It is sooo interesting to see how much time you are spending with Me and how you are making the most of it. you can see that I have some important goals I want to accomplish. I will be looking over everything you sent and give a summary update, here, next week.

In the meantime, make sure you complete your assignment and email Me your results. I will be responding to your emails, so be sure to bring up anything you need that I can help you with. you can always come back to this Time Share Assignment if you missed it last week, just do it this week...I want you to have a full 7 days and I realize that you missed some stroking time...haha, a BLOOPER for your Domina. OMG, not even a little touch, poor slave...Hey, do you want to c*m??? Email Me and ask permission. Giggles!!!

Anyway, I will keep the “Time Share Assignment”available and am looking forward to communicating with you when you decide that you need to spend more TIME with Me through this assignment.  Kisses


I have made available some new alternate Gift Payment Options, which are part of the Time Assignment but also one of My Management priorities. Try and see if you are able to use them. They are a very big benefit for Me without costing you anything. Look into using them, safely for your situation. I will explain more about this next week.

I have gotten some interest in submitting New slave stories for SFS. I am thinking of commissioning story topics or themes like an assignment you might be interested in doing for Me. I’ll explain more about this next week.

Coming up, you’ll be back, strapped on My laboratory table for more experimentation as My lab rat. Notice a pattern? Isn’t it exciting that you can’t do anything to resist Me? Also next week, I’m calling ALL sissies. Did you think I was neglecting you? Well, it’s well worth the wait. The coming session is soooo hot.......

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Realm Of Unconsciousness --
I'll take you to a deeper level of servitude and OBLITERATE you with a mind blowing DEEP hypnotic trance...

I Am your Mind --
I am becoming MORE POWERFUL, more INFLUENTIAL over you.


When you look up the definition of “malleable”, you find descriptions of what My voice and words do to your conscious and subconscious mind, willingly becomes suggestible, pliable, susceptible, compliant.  With Malleable Mind your mind is like a malleable lump of clay being worked with My sexy slender DOMINANT fingers...My CRIMSON red fingernails, so sexy.... I am molding, shaping and training to be most suggestible, pliant, susceptible and compliant to ANYTHING I may choose to suggest, just like My puppy always dreams of happening.  That’s why you Willingly surrender.

Research done on manipulation and suggestion concludes that most feelings, thoughts and behaviors are the results of a suggestion taken as an instruction or command from a powerful and trustworthy source, such as your very own Domina Shelle.  Let’s test the power of My suggestions.  I have a little surprise for you at the very end, I’ll know what you choose with the acknowledgement you send Me.  What could that mean, My puppy? ~giggles~  Let’s see.


Have you become more obsessed with thoughts of your Domina.  Addicted to Me, My voice, My brainwashing?  Are you yearning to please Me and spend even more time with Me?  I thought so.  I have this fun assignment for you.  Something I’ve been curious about.  Have you ever wondered exactly how much time W/we spend together?  And just how you spent that time, My addicted puppy?  you want to be a part of My life, to be with Me and have Me as a part of yours.  This is how you can make it happen.

Domina's Time Share Assignment is a 7 day assignment.  I bet that W/we will BOTH be shocked with the OUTCUM.  Don’t miss it!


Contracted, in My continuing effort to make you more productive on My behalf, I’ve been encouraging you to think about your story, or a fictional slave fantasy for posting on SFS.  I have a SIGN UP now to slave Stories for you to submit your story to Me, whenever you have it written.  I will send your story to you before posting it.  I will be adding new stories over time on SFS in its new separate location, so this SIGN UP will be open and available for whenever you are ready.  This is one way to work for your Domina and have fun doing it.  If you currently don’t have access to My special SlaveForShelle site and are interested, contact Me with SFS in the heading.


Challenge to Please.  Thanks for your wonderful contributions and continued support through Challenge to reach My 2018 goals.  you’ve gotten Me off to a good start for My savings.  As a reward for supporting Me, I want you, right now, to unzip your pants and take “IT” out.... Now think of the pleasure of serving your Domina...... and as My c*ck gets hard, you may stroke it for Me for 5 minutes, nice and slowly, up and down....Then put it away or contact Me and beg for release.  I love it when you beg and c*m for ME!  What I do for you, My puppy. ~giggles~


When this year started, I promised to deepen your sense of enslavement and servitude that enhances your experience when you listen to My file sessions.  All your feelings and sensations are intensified the stronger your need for submission and obedience.  Part of your training involves having your Domina “Manage” more things for you.  I’ll explain more about some ideas I have for you.

Next week’s session is a MYSTERY for now.

SPRING SALE ends at midnight--April 12th, EDT... you lucky slave, you stocked up.  MIND FUCK HEAVEN!

Make sure to check special deals ...

PS---REFRESH on your Playground Triggers---Surrender time around the corner.  This will be a test...



My pet, are you thinking this is a trick I’m playing on you with Shelle’s Spring two-files-for-the-price-of-one SALE? No silly.  It’s NOT part of your Savings Assignment where you would save money on a second file session of equal or lesser value and then send the SAVINGS to Me as part of your Savings Assignment.  Wait, that’s not a bad idea. ~giggles~  Actually, I want to give you this chance to take a deep breath and have a relaxed look at My PMT options.  Find something you may have missed in your favorite categories.  Or look for something completely new in a more Dangerous category.  Test your limits...Look at My descriptions and reviews for guidance.  SEE!  I keep telling you to Promote your Domina with the value of reviewing My mp3's.  Buy one and email Me with you choice of a FREE session. (free session must be equal to or less than purchased) Example:  Buy any 2 and get any two free....etc.

NOTE:  Sale INCLUDES PACKAGE DEALS too.  The sale ends when your Domina is ready, this could be 1 day, 2 days or more.  I'll decide on that later.


you make Me very happy with your continued generous support.  your Challenge to Please contribution this week pushes Me over the top for My first Retirement goal, but more importantly, I will get an early start for 2018 Retirement.  I will continue to dedicate your tributes to My future financial security.  I will be building up a savings account, finally saving for emergencies or just a rainy day.  you are taking care of your Domina Shelle in this most Real, important way, securing O/our future together.


It was good to get away to Carowinds Amusement Park for a day off, especially after that last 3 day weekend.  That’s another good reason to have MORE savings, to give Me options for working less, so more time with you, My pet.  Contracted, I have added a second slave story on SFS.  So, start to think about your story for Me.  Write about something that reflects you.....that you want to tell Me.  Write about wherever your imagination, fantasies take you.  I’m giving you time to work on it, so take your time.  In a couple of weeks I’ll have a SIGNUP for you, so you can submit your story.  I will be adding new stories.  I’ll post all of them and will send yours to you before posting it.

Volunteer Savings Assignment.  This reminder.  Keep up the good work.  This is an assignment where you share with your Domina the savings on spending that I encourage you to make.  I should hear from you at least once a month to get a status report on how your assignment is going.  If you want to participate, you can find this Savings, under My Assignments.

And for next week, I’m going to keep you busy with an important 7 day assignment.  It will help Me manage your future, My puppy.


I will return next week to your regular Re-programming.  I will be molding your malleable mind with My needed suggestions implanted into your brain.  So many things to have planned for you to do for your Domina.


First of all, I bet you wish I were your bunny for Easter!  Happy EASTER My sweet.  Do something special for your Holiday.

Now this is NOT a bunny's tale...This is a fact...this is My plan for your Holiday.

Let Me explain what is about to happen to you.  I want to be completely up front and open.  First, I'll take you into a deep IRRESISTABLE hypnotic TRANCE, and you will be in a weakened state of mind, completely subjugated and vulnerable.  YES even HELPLESS...Perfect for My use of this POWERFUL tool.

For the past several weeks My soothing voice has worked your mind like a lullaby, causing you to fall into a state of mindless subjugation.  I have experimented, sublimated, adjusted your neural switches and generally fucked with your mind.  With Response Expectancy I bring you into a sleepy state of relaxation to manipulate your mind easily during hypnotic sleep.

There are so many new powerful psychological tools being discovered that are primarily to be used by therapists to aid patients.  Of course I use these tools to bring you things you love, like being My guinea pig/lab rat to follow wherever I lead you because you want to be with Me.  But really, My use of these tools is quite selfish because it’s so easy to take control, brainwash and fuck your mind up even more deeply and severely.  We already know this...but did you know that I can insert into your mind thoughts of expectations (this is a very effective form of programming you to learn just what I expect) will love what is about to happen to you.

Submit NOW and listen to Response Expectancy!!!

There is a BIG SURPRISE within.

POWERFUL Post HYPNOTIC suggestions within this session.

So I expect you to LISTEN...leave the rest up to ME!  you are in good hands with My red painted fingernails.



I will give you a final chance next week to make sure I’ve reached My goal....Then, My pet, you will help Me start early on My 2018 retirement fund.  I am sooooo good to you with all these opportunities to Please Me and make this commitment to Me.

Contracted, by now you should have read nadette’s story on SFS.  I am organizing a new section for slave stories/thoughts and will be posting an additional slave story very soon.  Next week, I will have a SIGNUP so you can submit your story for future posting.  Write a story that reflects you.  Start thinking about it.  I will be your editor and publisher to prepare it for posting on SFS, I will send it to you before posting.


With your mind so malleable, you need my suggestions implanted into your brain.  So many things to have you do for your Domina.

Check special deals ...


This week’s FOCUS is an important part of your ongoing obedience training.  I am perfecting you to be the very best submissive you can be for your Domina with this “Management” Training.  Now is the time to Focus...

I am working hard on all the MIND BOGGLING changes that I want to make within this mp3 session (A COMPULSION) is very powerful and somehow creeps on you, you are held defenseless and helpless.  The subject (you) is expecting to be taken but the relaxation and the constant focusing becomes a major distraction, so, by the time you more assertively exert your control you are caught a little off guard...particularly how strong the suggestions feel and how one perceives the loss of control and free will.

Listen NOW...OBEDIENCE IS PLEASURE...your ONLY pleasure!


After you listen to this week’s session, you can anticipate the BEST way to Please Me.  Challenge To PLEASE is almost there.  Will you be the one to put Me over the top?  I need about $630 to put in My retirement account for Calendar year 2017.  Don’t you remember what I planted in your mind last week? ~giggles~  An obedient slave makes Me very happy.



How do you like this new set of My Pictures, My puppy?  A very good way to keep Me close to you all day long.  Just close your eyes and see My image right there.


you love hearing My voice and words deep inside your head.  Next week, your mind will soften in My hands.  W/we are going to play together, just the way you like it.

My Special Deals ...

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