Queen Of Hearts

A MYSTERIOUS mind numbing file...intense...mystical and erotic.
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Level: Very Strong
Length: 43 minutes
Category: Brainwash-Erotic
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A MYSTERIOUS mind numbing file...intense...mystical and erotic.
Enhancing your most sexual desires.  Come, fall into a deeper submission as My words untangle inside your mind.

Would you allow Me to play inside your Subconscious Mind without knowing what My intentions are?....Are you afraid of what I might do if you completely give in?

I mean every single moment is a complete surprise.  Does the MYSTERY and SUSPENSE of NOT knowing anything about the contents of the file tighten your pants a little?

If you were to wake up and not remember what happened, would you be scared?

Powerful 3 D...Well actually 4 D if I include the wetness in your pants. ***Giggles***

***Superb sound effects throughout the file***

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Sunday, 26 February 2017
The Queen of Hearts remains a mystery! After several sessions with this file I still only have a vague idea what it is about. It is not that I am clueless – it is just that I remember pieces that do not match together – sometimes it is regular Hypnosis from Domina – some candle magic, sometimes a Gipsy sometimes a spy story. I feel relaxation and trust – like with many other recordings from Mistress but apart from that I have no idea of what she is up to with this file. Maybe part II gives a clue?
Sunday, 15 February 2015
i just awoke with a bit of pre-cum on my stomach totally relaxed and with only some blurry memories of the trance itself. i am releaved that i'm still in chastity for Domina. If She would not have been so nice to me on Valentine's day this would have definitely ended up in an accident. But anyway, whatever Domina Shelle did to me i know it helped me because i trust Her completely. After all i feel always good when She took me deep into Her world. So thank You my Domina for helping me even if i don't recall with what.
Saturday, 14 December 2013
Another wonderful experience from Domina Shelle. This has a really nice induction so it was easy to drop into that lovely hypnotic state. Once over I felt very satisfied and thankful. It sounds really nice, the trance is very deep, and She even helped fix me for the better; what could be better?
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