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My pet, you have come such a long way over these last few weeks........with so much more to come. So, rest and reinvigorate for the energy needed for your intensified enslavement and My increasing expectations. This week, I want to make sure you are UP for all the excitement to cum.......This week’s Profound SLEEP will help bring you one of life’s needed pleasures, peaceful, restful sleep. When you go deep for Me in trance this is what you experience. When you go to sleep for Me, it’s always arousing. Now, something for every the first and last thought of everyday, I put a smile on your face and a bulge under your sheet.

I want your mind and body healthy for ME. Less stress in your life. Put your thoughts and worries away. Studies show adequate sleep makes us feel better. We feel more alert, more energetic, happier, and better able to function following a good night of sleep. A lack of sleep is also associated with increased chances of serious illnesses. Sleep helps us solidify and consolidate memories, much like I do with your Brain Chip. Facts and experiences first need to be processed and stored and many of these steps happen while you sleep.

I want you happy and healthy for Me. See how intertwined W/we are.
But also clear and rested for your family, work and other responsibilities.

YES I am allowing you to GIFT one person the session.  This can be anyone, significant other, family, friend or co-worker.


I am working on some things for your visual pleasure to go with the images of Me in your mind when you trance. More on IMAGES AND WORSHIP next week.

I have mailed out a little reward Assignment for My Farm slave worker who is so helpful and useful to your Domina. If you signed up for the Assignment and didn’t get My email, let Me know.

SFS contracted, many thanks for your file suggestions and recommendations for Beginning Path.


Next week I will prepare you for new levels of servitude and enslavement with an adjustment to your suggestibility receptors and thought retention....Possible Implants….I have big plans, My puppy....

My special deals ...

This week concludes The Brain Chip installation.  Testing the functionality of all the components are completed with this week’s BRAIN CHIP--Simple Logic.  It’s complicated, so no deep understanding of the terminology like Memory Suspension, Artificial Intelligence, protocols, or Simple Logic is required.  Trust that everything will work more smoothly than ever, My pet.

Yes, I know you already love to obey and submit and surrender your control to Me.  you serve and worship your Domina.  you work Hard to please Me, to take care of Me and make Me happy.  Now with the Brain Chip, you become even more receptive.  Obeying becomes so much easier than it is now.  Through the Chip, My instructions become clearer as your thinking becomes more “intuitive”, since it is My thinking.  your desires and enslavement deepen.  That means you will find the very best way you can to be obedient and submissive to My control.  So, listen to Reinforcement and Obey!

SIGN UP to receive all My future Implant Triggers.  My subject will Activate and be rewarded with the many commands I will be Implanting.  you will know exactly how I want you to perform your tasks to serve and please Me, to surrender all control, to take care of Me the best way you can.  Are you up to handling the pleasure?


In case you missed it, Lady Helena has a new release, Hypnotic Chains.  As always She takes you to the Edge of your limits.  Are you ready to submit to My slave Girl?

If you signed up for the FARM ASSIGNMENT, thank you, again.  I know you enjoyed it.  I am in the process of emailing your free “Reward” Assignment, for being My good boy.

SFS contracted slaves look for a SPECIAL REQUEST as part of this week’s blog.

My special deals this week…

I Am your Mind --
I am becoming MORE POWERFUL, more INFLUENTIAL over you.

Princess Spa --
My sexy voice and silky long fingers will massage your mind and take you away to My world.

Lucid Dreams--DOMINATION --
My WICKEDNESS taken to a whole new level... "Control" over you is too powerful to resist.

I am sending KISSES from the Farm in West Tennessee after a wonderful visit with My Mother’s family near Nashville.  Aunts, uncles, cousins and My immediate family.  A very joyful, happy gathering.  And since I remind everyone so much of My Mother, who is so greatly missed, I am the recipient of incredible love and affection.  On Easter, I thought there was no place I would rather be EXCEPT in your head, since I can be in two places at once. ~giggles~  See, I am always with you.

Love can’t be underestimated as life’s most potent force.  It fuels your passion and love.... and lust.  It increases desire and your commitment to please Me.  you enter My erotic, sensual world and offer your submission and obedience and seek My approval and control.  I fulfill your needs and give you love and acceptance.  you love to hear Me say how pleased I am with My good boy.


you have shown your love and devotion to serving Me with your support for The Farm.  I want to share this place and make it real for you, My puppy.  I am so pleased and happy that you see how important this Home Sweet Home is for Me.  I want you to feel at home, here, with your Sweet Princess.

Now, if you signed up for Farm Assignment Part 2 (not too late), watch your email.


I am giving you a pause from My surgical Brain procedures. ~giggles~

So, this week I’m putting on Half Price Sale TWO or Three FILES and the Sleeping Forest series...I want you to have and listen to whenever you have the need to feel Me right there with you, My pet.


Remember, Part 3 of the BRAIN CHIP Series will be released soon.  After which, I will be continuing with many ongoing IMPLANT Triggers which will be available ONLY to those who sign up.  If you haven’t yet, SIGN UP to receive My future Implants Triggers.  Dr. Shelle is really looking forward to measure the effects Her Triggers will have on Her subjects.


When I get back into My studio I will complete the final touches to Part 3 session to make it perfect.  This session will bring My thoughts completely together inside your mind.

I want to thank Lady Helena for taking care of everything for Me back in North Carolina.  She has helped get everything together to post for this week’s website.  We have a final adjustment to make before releasing Her new file session, Hypnotic Chains.  So, you’ll just have to stay hard and horny for YOUR release.

And, thanks for lunch with My sisters.

This is an important week for you, My pet, preparing for these exciting and permanent changes in the way you think and feel. You set aside time each day and look forward to spending it with Me. But now with this week’s Brain Chip-Activation installation, I can call on you at any time, wherever you might be. Watch your devotion and obedience to Me intensify as I reach deeper into the center of your brain.

ACTIVATION will be My trigger inside your mind where My Brain Chip has been implanted. This upgrade adjustment to your Chip will make My instructions a COMPULSION. When you hear the phrase “Subject, Activate Control Chip”, my future Trigger IMPLANTS override your brain, which will shut down and stand by to accept ALL My programming. This procedure ensures that all future Implants work smoothly and bring immediate results. you become aroused whenever obeying My direct instructions or when you perform the tasks I command or when you experience the sensations I will create in your imagination.


After activating your Brain Chip, I gain direct and immediate access to the deepest recesses of your mind. There, I will IMPLANT all future Triggers. you revert back to the time when as little boy you were so eager to Please. you become even more suggestible to ALL My programming and commands. Receptive. Submissive and Obedient. This programming strengthens My Control. your enslavement and servitude intensifies with this overwhelming desire to please Me, by following all My instructions. Oh, the Pleasure of Pleasing Me. ~giggles~ Remember, these ongoing IMPLANT Triggers will be available ONLY to those who sign up.  SO, SIGN UP in order to receive My Implants.


Since I am going to Tennessee for a family get together and then taking care of some Farm business, I decided to bring you along with the Farm Assignment Part 2. Another reason this is an important week. you give of yourself to Me with this Assignment. you can work for Me. Keep Me company. Follow My instructions and help Me by supporting My Farm expenses while I keep you aroused and eager to please your Domina. Sound like fun? The Farm is a very real, happy place, where I grew up. It is important to Me. I want to share that with you by making this an exciting time for you to cum play with Me.

Each assignment requires you to listen to a file session. I’ll give you a Thought for each day. Then you will write down My, I mean O/our, goal for that day. There is a written assignment (OBEY DOMINA) each day, to provide tasks for you to complete. There is also a Playground Command each day.

I will take you into My bedroom where I know what you will want to do to please Me. And into the kitchen for some whipped cream. You may do all 7 Assignments, so you don’t miss anything. Then, there will be an Assignment to Obey for Next Week. ALL files for the assignment are in My special deals, if you don’t already have them. (If this is a real problem for you, sign up, and when you email Me, list the files you already have for My instructions).


Lady Helena has an exciting file session for you with HYPNOTIC CHAINS. You have a busy week to look forward to.

I also want you to continue listening to Triggered HARD to reinforce your emotional commitment to Me.

Next week I expect to have Part 3 of the Brain Chip series. This will be a reinforcement session which shows you how the Implants will work.

My special deals...MUST have...

I have been working on perfecting Part 2, the ACTIVATION component of the Brain Chip Series.  But, this week I’ll bring you My Triggered HARD.  Enjoy the pleasure of My voice when I call you My good boy, My pet, My slave.  Feel yourself growing hard and so suggestible to My instructions...This is a session that will have a profound effect on anyone who listens.  Listen to it for the next 21 days (giggles)..... My second file session, Sissy Transference is for you, My special sissy gurl, getting you where W/we both want you to be.  These are training sessions, conditioning your obedience to My voice and guidance.  Triggers.  Obedience.  Control.  Making your mind open, receptive and ready for more permanent alterations to come.


The BRAIN CHIP Series will have 3 Parts.  This will be one of My very best creations.  “My Flagship”.  Last week, the Chip was IMPLANTED.  As I mentioned, I want to get Part 2, the ACTIVATION component of the Chip, perfectly right, which I have done.  This will allow you to Activate the Chip on My Command.  Part 3 will be a “training reinforcement” of your reception capacity and mind suggestibility.  After all three sessions, you will then be TRIGGERED as to when your Brain Chip is activated, to receive My future Implants to take control of your mind.

You will have the next weeks to SIGN UP (watch for details) to receive My Instructions to Activate My Brain Chip at the completion of the series.  As mentioned last week, future Implants will come to you as short audio sessions or written instructions.  These ongoing IMPLANT Triggers will be available ONLY to those who sign up.  This is necessary to be able to communicate with you, whenever the time suits Me to take control.  I expect this to be My crowning achievement.  From sweet Princess to demanding Queen. ~giggles~  Watch out!!


Next week, prepare yourself for some brain surgery.  I’m going back in for a software upgrade and insert My Brain Chip Activation device.  After I put you under, there will be no need to remember anything about the procedure.  you will be exactly where you want to be under My complete control.

Also next week, I'll be leaving for Tennessee to a family reunion near Nashville, then onto Memphis to take care of some family Farm business.  But I expect to keep you busy and bring you along.  This is the perfect time to welcome you back to the Farm.  While I’m spending some time there, you can keep Me company and work on the chores I have for you with a brand new and expanded Farm Assignment, Part 2.  This is an assignment you will thoroughly enjoy.  Know I appreciate your participation and contributions.


My slave Girl, Lady Helena has been busy, under My instructions, to keep you bound, extra hard and horny.  She has her first YOUTUBE VIDEO, watch for link on twitter.
And be sure to subscribe and comment.  Supporting Her, supports Me. And look for Her HYPNOTIC CHAINS session next week.  So much submission.  So much obedience.  I am toooo good to you, My puppy.

I am happy to see your use of the STROKE Tributes.  you know who you I do.  Now, EVERYONE should be meeting My expectations and show respect for your Domina.

My special deals this week ...

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