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Schedule 60 min LIVE phone session with Lady H.
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Talk LIVE with Lady Helena - 60 minutes

I know you need more training to be perfected for your Domina, Talk LIVE with Lady H.  I am putting Her in charge when you talk LIVE.  She will lead you to where you belong.  She is DOMINANT and DEMANDING.  Make your TRAINING appointment today!

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Sunday, 02 October 2016
Lady Helena usually tends to be very dominante and strict, that´s why i was a bit worried about this Talk with her, English isn´t my first language, writing is fine (not perfect thought), but if it comes to talking the odds of me saying something wrong and messing up are very high, so yeah i was worried about how it would go, infact i was squirming in anticipation, luckily she loves it if i squirm because of her lol

i will be honest getting to the talk with her wasn´t working out perfectly, she had do delay it for quite a bit, but i don´t think that this was a bad thing, quite the opposite, this delays just showed that i am in no control whatsoever and beside this also made me squirm so much more for her :P

Anyway to my surprise the talk went very well, she was very kind and did understood that i might would mess up on accident, because of english not being my first language...

Well and about the Hypnosession itself, it was a surprise to me how quickly and deeply i falled for her, what she made me image made me groan in delight, also frustration and if i remember it right as much as i tryed to keep myself quiet i think i did interrrupted her once with my groaning, but well i could not help it, afterwards i heared from our Princess that Lady Helena wanted to get into my Head and all i have to say to this is, that´s exactly what she did she got into my Head and even after the talk i could feel it quite for sometime, all in all the talk with her was amazing and i encourage everyone to try it out ^-^
Tuesday, 12 January 2016
This was now my second session with Lady Helena and after She told me a little fairy tale last time, She took me into a deep trance today. So deep that She had to wake me more than once... giggles... i think She installed some kind of a trigger inside my mind, but i don't care as i trust Her and i obey Her triggered or not. The session was joyful as W/we giggled a lot. And this deep trance was sooo relaxing after a stressful day at work. And for being a goodgirl for Her and O/our Domina i was rewarded with a lil treat in the end. i loved my time with Her and i am looking forward for the next one.
Monday, 12 October 2015
I love my time with Lady Helena. Lady Helena knows just how to make me jump when She says jump, but then Lady Helena knows i'm really into pain =)
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