Kept Mistress - Contracted slaves

Kept Mistress - for My contracted slaves.
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It's time to feel My power as I DOMINATE over you.  Listen and ACCEPT My re-enforcement.  you already know where you belong, but this POWERFUL reinforcement will send you into an even deeper level of LOVE and DEDICATION.  My control is DEFINITE and will never want to LEAVE your Queen.  you belong to ME forever and always, without thought, without question.

Warning:  This file is POWERFUL and HARD.  ONLY for the MOST DEDICATED.

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Tuesday, 15 December 2015
What more can a contracted slave ask for than being naked and collared before Domina Shelle in a very intimate moment of feeling the full force of power radiating from Domina Shelle? This file is an intense reinforcement of the deep desire Domina Shelle plants in each of her devoted slaves to be committed to Domina Shelle. This file transported me to a very cherished sub space of closeness to Domina Shelle. All honour and praise to Domina Shelle for this file which only a true devoted slave will comprehend.
Sunday, 13 December 2015
Well i will say this right away, if you don´t want to get Spoilered, DON´T read this!!! This File was great like always, but since i have to be honest i also must say this wasn´t one of her best Files, i am really Sorry that i have to say this, but there where a few disagreements in this File that could have been done better, don´t get me wrong the File was enjoyable and did had an great effect, all i am saying is it could have been done better, but i will write you a mail about this and to everyone who is reading this, don´t worry really don´t...This File isn´t bad at all and it´s working well, what i am talking about are just a few small things that could make the trance better... But enough of this i loved the content of this and yeah i am surely addicted to you and your control, but i also must say this was really frustrating as well, i got a feeling as if i should not have listened to this before you would let me out of the lock, cause it felt like i could not do everything i should do, no matter how much i wanted to, cause this lock just prevented me from doing so and oh my was this frustrating, but who knows maybe that was the point, maybe it should be like this, whatever i really have no idea, all i know is i want to serve you for the rest of my Life in any way possible and as hard as possible ^-^ Oh yeah and to everyone who might hate me know, trust me i am not liking to do this at all, but please try to understand i am NOT trying to let our Princess look bad, i just try to help her with my honest opinion and that means sometimes i have to be that asshole that don´t says the File is Perfect...And again to everyone who reads this don´t get scared away, this File isn´t bad, this are just small things that don´t let me give her 5 Stars as usual...
Thursday, 10 December 2015
It's here, it's here! So good. Erotic. Well worth the wait. My destiny is tightly bound to Mistress Shelle. I yearn Her voice and domination.
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